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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Circle-Vision: America the Beautiful Symphonic (AT&T) [Disney] 1:32
Circle-Vision: American Journeys (stereo) [Disney] 19:04
Circle-Vision: American Journeys Load Music (AT&T) [Disney] 1:57
Circle-Vision: PSA Pre Show (PSA) (stereo) [Disney] 7:49
Claque Des Doigts / Just Give a Snap [Disney] 1:30
Claque Des Doigts / Just Give a Snap [Disney] 2:03
Clementine [Disney] 3:05
Closing & Tram Announcement [Disney] 2:52
Clouds Gather [Disney] 4:42
Club Disneyスーパーダンシン・マニア~チェイサー [Disney] 1:29
Coke Corner (Coca Cola) [Disney] 0:51
Colonel Hathi's March [Disney] 2:31
Colorful Present [Disney] 2:56
Colors of the Wind [Disney] 1:52
Colors of the Wind (Pocahontas) Disney Orchestra 3:08
Columbia Sailing Ship [Disney] 3:39
Conga / Rhythm Is Gonna Get You / Get on Your Feet [Disney] 4:04
Counting on You [Disney] 2:59
Country Bear Christmas Special [Disney] 16:11
Country Bear Christmas Special (Wonder Bread) (Stereo) [Disney] 17:14
Country Bear Jamboree [Disney] 15:33
Country Bear Vacation Hoedown [Disney] 16:47
Country Bear's Jamboree (Pepsi 1972-75) (Wonderbread 1975-86) (Stereo) [Disney] 15:40
Country Bear's Vacation (Wonder Bread) (Stereo) [Disney] 17:14
Critter Country / Bear Country Area Music & Rufus [Disney] 1:26
Cruella De Vil [Disney] 2:42
Cupcakes and Lemonade [Disney] 3:09
Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies Holiday Orchestra 0:50
Dancin' (A Catchy Rhythm) [Disney] 3:49
Dancing Arms [Disney] 2:39
Dancing Starlight Fantasy (1992) [Disney] 6:43
Danville for Niceness Cast - Phineas and Ferb 1:00
Das Bermuda-Dreieck DuckTales 19:31
Das darf doch nicht wahr sein [Disney] 2:18
Das Dschungelbuch [Disney] 13:03
Das Erdbeben DuckTales 17:07
Das geheimnisvolle Schiff DuckTales 22:16
Das Geisterschloß DuckTales 19:14
Das Tal der Goldenen Sonne DuckTales 20:40
Daughters of Triton (The Little Mermaid, 2014 Remaster) Daughters of Triton USWD11469058 0:53
Dave the Barbarian Theme Song [Disney] 1:04
De la Terre a la Lune [Disney] ?:??
Dear Santa [Disney] 2:30
Deck the Halls [Disney] 2:46
Deck the Halls [Disney] 2:36
Deck the Halls [Disney] 2:38
Deck the Halls Sebastian with Ariel and King Triton 2:34
Deck the Halls [Disney] 2:40
Deck the Halls [Disney] 2:22
Deck the Halls [Disney] 2:39
Deck the Halls Sebastian & The Lobster Chorus 2:34
Deck the Halls (instrumental) [Disney] 2:22
DeepWater BGM [Disney] 4:53
Der goldene Kondor DuckTales 20:10
Der Jungbrunnen DuckTales 18:58
Der Riesenhai DuckTales 18:34
Der schiefe Turm von Peseta DuckTales 17:40
Der Schlangenfraß DuckTales 18:04
Der Stolz der Familie DuckTales 20:09
Der Tennis-Goody [Disney] 3:06
Der unsichtbare Gast DuckTales 13:56
Det du har sönder, fixar vi lätt [Disney] 2:46
Detention [Disney] 0:14
Deux bons copains [Disney] 2:09
Die Harfe von Troja DuckTales 16:53
Die Invasion DuckTales 16:52
Die Lemminge DuckTales 17:28
Die Panzerknacker DuckTales 20:17
Die Perle der Weisheit DuckTales 18:52
Die Schatzsuche DuckTales 21:07
Die Schneefrau DuckTales 21:58
Die verlorene Welt DuckTales 19:14
Die versunkene Stadt DuckTales 19:19
Die verzauberte Stadt DuckTales 19:31
Die Wikinger kommen DuckTales 17:09
Die Wunderlampe DuckTales 19:55
Die Zeitwanne DuckTales 22:42
Diggin’ in Dinoland [Disney] 2:47
Disney Halloween Parade 2002 [Disney] 6:33
Disney Halloween Parade 2003 [Disney] 9:50
Disney-Marsch [Disney] 2:42
Disney's Electrical Parade [Disney] 9:57
Disney’s Rhythms of the World [Disney] 27:42
Disneyland 50th Anniversary - Remember When (Performed by LeAnn Rimes) - Disneyland 50th Anniversary Theme Song [Disney] 3:34
Disneyland Hotel Tram (To Disneyland Hotel) (complete) [Disney] 1:21
Disneyland Hotel Tram (To Disneyland) [Disney] 1:24
Disneyland Railroad / Narration / Grand Canyon / Primevil World [Disney] 9:02
Dixie [Disney] ?:??
DJ Goof [Disney] 2:38
Djungelhjul – titelsång [Disney] 1:00
Do Your Ears Hang Low? [Disney] 1:11
Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor (on the Bedpost Overnight) [Disney] 2:35
Dogs [Disney] 0:46
Don't Go Breaking My Heart The Chicken Little Cast 1:53
Donald Duck Song [Disney] 0:32
Dornröschen: Das Original-Hörspiel zum Film [Disney] 58:29
Down by the Station [Disney] 2:09
Down in the Valley [Disney] 2:42
Down in the Valley [Disney] ?:??
Downtown Holiday Hullabaloo [Disney] 2:24

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