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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer (instrumental) [Disney] 3:15
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer [Disney] 3:14
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer [Disney] 2:57
Rudolph the Red‐Nosed Reindeer Christmas Brass 2:39
Rufus (Bear Country) [Disney] 0:19
Russian Dance Holiday Orchestra 0:57
Sailing Medley - Blow the Man Down; My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean; Sailing, Sailing; Up She Rises [Disney] 2:47
Saludos Amigos Disney Orchestra 2:53
Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town [Disney] 1:56
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town [Disney] 1:47
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town [Disney] 1:38
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town [Disney] 2:06
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (instrumental) [Disney] 2:06
Santa’s Rap [Disney] 1:59
Schattenspiele DuckTales 21:54
School Bell [Disney] 0:08
School Bell [Disney] 0:08
Screams and Groans [Disney] 0:54
Screams and Groans [Disney] 0:58
Scuttle’s Scooters [Disney] 2:35
Sea Floor Strut [Disney] 3:15
Sea of Dreams [Disney] ?:??
Seasons of the Vine (medley) [Disney] 4:32
Seasons Of The Vine Medley [Disney] 4:30
Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen BGM [Disney] 4:16
Seize the Future (Alien Encounter) [Disney] 1:19
Seventy-Six Trombones The Walt Disney World Band 1:53
Sharpay Dials [Disney] 0:07
Sharpay's Locker [Disney] 0:13
She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain [Disney] 1:56
She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain [Disney] ?:??
Shiny (instrumental) Moana Karaoke 3:04
Ship Shapes [Disney] 2:36
Shipwreck [Disney] 1:38
Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me [Disney] 1:21
Shoo, Fly, Don't Bother Me [Disney] ?:??
Shooting Expo Area Sounds [Disney] 0:34
Shortnin' Bread [Disney] 1:00
Show Mode [Disney] 6:08
Sidewalk Quintet / Disneyland Band [Disney] 1:31
Silent Night [Disney] 3:41
Silent Night [Disney] 3:41
Sindbad`s Storybook Voyage [Disney] 7:23
Sing Sing Sing [Disney] 3:56
Sing Sing Sing (Piano Ver.) [Disney] 0:47
Skip to My Lou [Disney] 2:27
Skip to My Lou [Disney] 1:20
Sleeping Beauty [Disney] 12:26
Sleeping Beauty [Disney] 10:39
Sleeping Beauty's Castle Area Sounds [Disney] 2:32
Sleigh Ride [Disney] 3:26
Sleigh Ride [Disney] 3:30
Sleigh Ride Chorus 3:29
Slidin' Saints (When the Saints Go Marching In) The Walt Disney World Band 2:13
Snow Ho Ho Ho [Disney] 2:13
Snow White [Disney] 11:47
Snow Whites Scary Adventure (remixed) [Disney] 5:12
So This Is Love [Disney] 1:06
So This Is Love [Disney] 1:37
So This Is Love [Disney] 1:37
So This Is Love [Disney] 1:45
Soarin' [Disney] 4:41
Soarin' [Soarin'] [Disney] 4:41
Soarin’ (Soarin’ Over California) [Disney] 4:43
Solo Pilot Blues [Mickey's Toontown Fair Area Music] [Disney] 2:31
Solo tiene que mejorar un poco El reparto de Frozen 3:01
Some Day My Prince Will Come [Disney] 1:55
Someday (Hunchback of Notre Dame) Disney Orchestra 2:13
Someday My Prince Will Come / Once Upon a Dream [Disney] 2:45
Someone's Waiting for You [Disney] ?:??
Something There [Disney] 0:52
Something There [Disney] ?:??
Something There [Disney] ?:??
Songs from 'Winnie the Pooh' The Walt Disney World Band 2:57
Sooner or Later [Disney] 2:05
Sorry, Troy [Disney] 0:10
Sounds of the Frontierland Station [Disney] 0:45
South America [Disney] 2:01
South Seas Traders: Shrunken Head Ned [Disney] 3:31
Space Mountain [Disney] 3:10
Space Mountain [Disney] 2:44
Space Mountain (Fed Ex) [Disney] 6:26
Space Mountain (New Daytime Track) [Disney] 1:28
Spaceship Earth [Spaceship Earth] [Disney] 10:53
SpectroMagic [Disney] 7:10
Splash Mountain [Disney] 12:12
Splash Mountain [Disney] 16:49
Splash Mountain [Disney] 10:49
Splash Mountain Medley [Disney] 10:34
Splash Mountain Medley (Splash Mountain) [Disney] 7:57
Splash Mountain Medley [Splash Mountain - Magic Kingdom] [Disney] 7:57
Splash Mountain Medley [Splash Mountain] [Disney] 7:55
Spring [Disney] 3:23
Spring Two [Disney] 1:47
Stamtr [Disney] 3:06
Star Tours (Energizer) [Disney] 17:55
Star Tours [Star Tours - Disney-MGM Studios] [Disney] 4:07
Star Tours [Star Tours] [Disney] 4:06
Stardust Fantasy (1994) [Disney] 4:35
Starlight Magic 2000 [Disney] 8:28

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