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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Ten Little Fingers [Disney] 1:38
Ten Little Indians [Disney] ?:??
Terror der Technik DuckTales 21:07
Test Track Medley (Test Track) [Disney] 3:57
That Darn Cat from “That Darn Cat” [Disney] 2:43
The Ancestors [Disney] 1:45
The Bakery Theme [Disney] 3:26
The Bakery Theme (The Boudin Bakery) [Disney] 3:28
The Ballad of Davy Crockett [Disney] 2:57
The Bare Necessities [Disney] 4:02
The Bare Necessities [Disney] 4:04
The Bare Necessities [Disney] 1:51
The Bare Necessities [Disney] 4:10
The Bare Necessities / A Spoonful of Sugar / It's a Small World [Disney] 2:57
The Bear Went Over the Mountain [Disney] 2:17
The Bear Went Over the Mountain [Disney] 1:20
The Beehive [Disney] 1:00
The Beehive [Disney] 1:00
The Bells of Notre Dame [Disney] 1:23
The Birds [Disney] 0:46
The Callback List [Disney] 0:35
The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) [Disney] 3:18
The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting) [Disney] 3:08
The Circle of Life (The Lion King) Disney Orchestra 2:19
The Color of Music [Disney] feat. Color Me Badd 1:38
The Columbia Sailing Ship [Disney] 3:20
The Dogs [Disney] 1:14
The Dream Begins [Disney] 1:34
The Dump Truck Song [Disney] 1:58
The Dwarfs' Yodel Song (The Silly Song) (Snow White) [Disney] 4:37
The Elegant Captain Hook [Disney] 1:19
The Enchanted Tiki Room Garden Show [Disney] 3:58
The Fairy Godmother Gets Busy [Disney] 1:51
The Fantasyland Darkride Suite [Disney] 17:55
The Farmer in the Dell [Disney] 1:48
The First Noel [Disney] 1:58
The Golden Horseshoe Revue The Golden Horseshoe Revue Cast 31:33
The Good News Is... [Disney] 1:32
The Great Holiday Scream-Along [Disney] 1:41
The Green Grass Grew All Around [Disney] 3:13
The Green Grass Grew All Around [Disney] ?:??
The Haunted House [Disney] 3:05
The Haunted Mansion [Disney] 23:56
The Haunted Mansion, Part 1 [Disney] 2:06
The Haunted Mansion, Part 2 [Disney] 1:38
The Haunted Mansion, Part 3 [Disney] 4:27
The Haunted Mansion, Part 4 [Disney] 1:13
The Haunted Mansion, Part 5 [Disney] 1:25
The Haunted Mansion, Part 6 [Disney] 0:43
The Haunted Mansion, Part 7 [Disney] 2:25
The Haunted Mansion, Part 8 [Disney] 0:52
The Haunted Mansion, Part 9 [Disney] 1:36
The Haunted Mansion, Part 10 [Disney] 3:02
The Haunted Mansion, Part 11 [Disney] 0:32
The Haunted Mansion, Part 12 [Disney] ?:??
The Helping Song The Koala Brothers 1:22
The Hokey Pokey [Disney] ?:??
The Jungle Book Groove (Jungle club mix) [Disney] 4:38
The Koala Brothers Theme Song The Koala Brothers 0:59
The Library Spiel (No Music) [Disney] 0:35
The Little Mermaid [Disney] 12:00
The Little Mermaid Story [Disney] 14:10
The Mail Must Go Through [Disney] ?:??
The Main Street Electrical Parade [Disney] 9:13
The Man on the Flying Trapeze [Disney] 2:57
The Man on the Flying Trapeze [Disney] ?:??
The Martian Monsters [Disney] 1:45
The Matterhorn [Disney] 4:26
The Mob Song Original Cast 3:30
The Monorail Song (Disneyland Monorail) [Disney] 1:44
The Muffin Man [Disney] 1:18
The Name Game [Disney] 2:57
The Old Home Guard The Walt Disney World Band 2:52
The Parent Trap from “The Parent Trap” [Disney] 2:15
The Plot Thickens [Disney] 0:28
The Purple People Eater [Disney] 2:17
The Rain, Rain, Rain Came Down, Down, Down (The Many Songs of Winnie the Pooh) [Disney] 2:50
The Rescuers Down Under (Main Title) [Disney] ?:??
The Right Move for Me [Disney] 2:30
The Santa Wrap [Disney] 2:24
The Second Star to the Right [Disney] 1:49
The Siamese Cat Song (Lady and the Tramp) [Disney] 2:10
The Sidewalks of New York [Disney] 3:22
The Sidewalks of New York [Disney] 1:23
The Skies are Alive With Romance [Disney] 3:18
The Sound of Toons (Toontown) [Disney] 0:35
The Spectrum Song [Disney] 1:38
The Submarine Voyage Through Liquid Space [Disney] 9:10
The Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room (The Enchanted Tiki Room) [Disney] 3:28
The Toons Are Coming! [Disney] 3:09
The Tree of Life Theme (The Tree of Life) [Disney] 3:11
The Twelve Days of Christmas [Disney] 5:38
The Twelve Days of Christmas [Disney] 3:42
The Twelve Days of Christmas [Disney] 4:32
The Twelve Days of Christmas [Disney] 4:16
The Twelve Days of Christmas (instrumental) [Disney] 4:32
The Twelve Days of Christmas (reprise) [Disney] 0:45
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Theme [Disney] 1:42
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Theme [Disney] 1:43
The Twirl Rolie Polie Olie 2:16

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