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1997Chansons Des Héros[Disney]1
2022東京ディズニーシー ビリーヴ!〜シー・オブ・ドリームス〜[Disney]2
High School Musical Edition Twister Moves - Disk 2[Disney]1
Sing-Along - My First Princess SongsDisney Sing-Along1


Arielle die Meerjungfrau[Disney]1
Ein Königreich für ein Lama[Disney]1

Audio drama

Bambi 2[Disney]1


1961Walt Disney's Dog Songs[Disney]1
1991The Twelve Days of Christmas[Disney]2
1991The Disney Christmas Collection (Disc B)[Disney]1
1991The Disney Christmas Collection (Disc A)[Disney]1
1992Disney's Little Mermaid: Splash Hits[Disney]1
1993Applaus für Micky[Disney]1
1994Disney Movie Hits[Disney]1
1997Schneewittchen und die sieben Zwerge[Disney]1
1998Music From Disney’s Animal Kingdom™ Park[Disney]1
1999Christmas Favorites, Volume 2[Disney]1
2000Disney's Orchestra Collection, Volume 3Disney Orchestra1
2000Les Parades en musique[Disney]1
2001Christmas at Home[Disney]1
2001Disney's Magic In The Streets: Parade Memories (Walt Disney World)[Disney]2
2002Sing-Along With Mickey & Pals[Disney]1
2002Tokyo DisneySea Mermaid Lagoon Music Album[Disney]1
2002Tokyo DisneySea Harborside Christmas 2002[Disney]1
2003Sing-Along With Mickey & Pals, Volume 2[Disney]1
2003Tokyo Disneyland Disney’s Halloween 2003[Disney]1
2003Tokyo Disneyland Christmas Fantasy 2003[Disney]1
2004東京ディズニーランド 20thアニバーサリー リメンバー・ザ・ドリーム[Disney]1
2004Tokyo DisneySea Disney’s Rhythms of the World[Disney]1
2004Disney's Karaoke Series: Radio Disney Chart Toppers[Disney]1
2004Disney's Karaoke Series: Christmas Favorites[Disney]1
2004Tokyo Disneyland Disney’s Halloween 2004[Disney]1
2004Tokyo DisneySea Harborside Christmas[Disney]1
2004Disney’s Santa Sing-Along[Disney]23
2005Disney’s Happiest Celebration on Earth[Disney]1
2005Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings[Disney]1
2006High School Musical (Disney’s Karaoke Series)[Disney]1
2006Sing Along - Duets[Disney]1
2007Disney Princess Sing-Along[Disney]1
2007Walt Disney World BandThe Walt Disney World Band1
2007Disney Classics Sing-Along[Disney]2
2008Disneyland Resort Paris : 15 ans de magie en musique[Disney]1
2008東京ディズニーシー ミュージック・アルバム[Disney]1
2008Walt Disney Children's Favorites[Disney]3
2009The Princess and the Frog: Tiana and Her Princess Friends[Disney]1
2009Disney Parks Holiday Medley[Disney]1
2011Belle and Friends Princess Musical Collection: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast[Disney]1
2014Tokyo Disneysea Disney Summer Festival[Disney]1
2017Big Band Beat[Disney]1
2018Disney Peaceful Piano: CalmDisney Peaceful Piano & Disney1
2018Disney Peaceful Piano: HappyDisney Peaceful Piano & Disney1
2018Disney Peaceful Piano: ChillDisney Peaceful Piano & Disney1
2019Disney Peaceful Piano: Love SongsDisney Peaceful Piano & Disney1
2019Disney Peaceful Piano: MotivationDisney Peaceful Piano & Disney1
2020Disney Peaceful Piano: BreatheDisney Peaceful Piano & Disney1
2020Disney Peaceful Piano: HolidayDisney Peaceful Piano & Disney1
2021Disney Peaceful Piano: Self‐Care DayDisney Peaceful Piano & Disney1
2021Disney Peaceful Piano: Break TimeDisney Peaceful Piano & Disney1
2023Lofi Minnie: ChillDisney Lofi1
Birthday Songs: Games & Fun For Your Party[Disney]1
Disney's Haunted Mansion[Disney]1
Magic Kingdom: Event Party Music[Disney]1
Zakochane Piosenki[Disney]1

Album + Compilation

1980De allerbeste van Walt Disney (deel 1)[Disney]2
1983The Official Album Of Walt Disney World Epcot Center[Disney]1
1991The Disney Collection: Best-Loved Songs from Disney Motion Pictures, Television, and Theme Parks, Volume 3Disney Orchestra1
1994Le Disque d’or des films de Walt Disney : Version française[Disney]1
1995Die schönsten deutschen Original Disney Filmsongs[Disney]1
1997Disney's Christmas Collection II[Disney]1
1998Disney's Favorite Christmas Songs[Disney]1
1999Walt Disney World Resort: Official Album[Disney]4
2000A Pooh Christmas: Holiday Songs from the Hundred Acre Wood[Disney]1
2000Walt Disney 20th Century’s Best ~ Tokyo Disneyland[Disney]1
2001Winnie The Pooh's Favorite Songs[Disney]1
2002Disney’s Holiday Sing-Along[Disney]1
2004Best of Children's Favorites[Disney]1
2005Disneyland Park Christmas Parade 2005[Disney]1
2005Disney’s Merry Christmas Wishes[Disney]1
2006Disney on CLASSIC Magical Night 2006[Disney]1
2006Disney’s Classics[Disney]1
2008Walt Disney Children's Favorites, Vol1[Disney]1
2009Disney en magisk värld med alla dina favoriter[Disney]1
2009Le Meilleur de Disneyland Resort Paris[Disney]1
2010Playhouse Disney - Let's DancePlayhouse Disney1
2011Disney Junior Presents: The Best of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & Friends[Disney]1
2011The Ultimate Disney Hits[Disney]1
2012Disney Prinzessinnen Hits[Disney]1
2014Disney's Grootste Hits[Disney]1
2014Disney Prencess Enchanted Songs[Disney]1
2015Disney Sing-Along: Disney Princess[Disney]1
201835 Happiest Celebration - Tokyo Disney Resort[Disney]1
2019Disney Peaceful Piano BEST[Disney]1
2020Disney Guitar: LullabyDisney Peaceful Guitar1
2020Disney Guitar: LoveDisney Peaceful Guitar1
2020Disney Guitar: ChillDisney Peaceful Guitar1
2020Disney Guitar: CalmDisney Peaceful Guitar1
2020Disney Guitar: MotivationDisney Peaceful Guitar1
2020Disney Guitar: HappyDisney Peaceful Guitar1

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