Certified Trapper (Milwaukee rapper)

~ Person

Legal name: Daishun Graham



2021Facebook ThuggerCertified Trapper1
2021Motion MusicCertified Trapper1
2021High RiskCertified Trapper1
2021Both WaysCertified Trapper1
2021BundlesCertified Trapper1
2021Gram ScamCertified Trapper1
2021PlatterCertified Trapper1
2021The ReaperCertified Trapper1
2021Flake SeasonCertified Trapper1
2021I Can’t Rap 1Certified Trapper1
2021Love Me Now Not LaterCertified Trapper1
2021NO RAP CAP VOL 1Certified Trapper1
2021Rob Who Take WhatCertified Trapper1
2021Smack DabCertified Trapper1
2021Without a DealCertified Trapper1
2021Zip FairCertified Trapper1
2021Can’t Say Too MuchCertified Trapper1
2021Without a Deal, Vol. 2Certified Trapper1
2022Trap LifeCertified Trapper1
2022Slave MasterCertified Trapper1
2022Loyal SpendersCertified Trapper1
2022Bad BackCertified Trapper1
2022Low End BabyCertified Trapper1
2022Perc ActivatedCertified Trapper1
2022Pick & SaveCertified Trapper1
2022Smack ModeCertified Trapper1
2022Yo Favorate TrapperCertified Trapper1
20223200Certified Trapper1
2022Spin da BlockCertified Trapper1
2022TrendingCertified Trapper1
2022Catch One Stretch OneCertified Trapper1
2022I’m CertifiedCertified Trapper2
2023Trapper of the YearCertified Trapper1
2023Deep EndCertified Trapper1


2022When I SneezeCertified Trapper1
2023Each SmackCertified Trapper1
2023Bussdown WoodsCertified Trapper1
2023Free YSLCertified Trapper1
2023I’m Still HumanCertified Trapper1
2023Slipped UpCertified Trapper1
2023Kosher CertifiedCertified Trapper feat. BLP KOSHER1
2023Check the StatsMyaap feat. Certified Trapper1
2023Perc 10Certified Trapper & AyooLii1
2023Chemone (Come On Yeah), Pt. 2Certified Trapper1
2024Kill DanceCertified Trapper1
2024Babytron FlowCertified Trapper1


2021Its Rainin’ BricksCertified Trapper1
2021Cash AppCertified Trapper1
2021Meet JakeCertified Trapper1
2021Slap JoggyCertified Trapper1
2021Za PackCertified Trapper1
2021Fire BittyCertified Trapper1
2022Acting FancyCertified Trapper1
2022Blue FlagCertified Trapper1
2022All Night FlightsCertified Trapper1
2022Sharp ShooterCertified Trapper1
202230 DaysCertified Trapper1
2022Demon TimeCertified Trapper1
2022Last Man StandingCertified Trapper1
2022Trap OlympicsCertified Trapper1
2022Lost in the SauceCertified Trapper1
2022A Light TimeCertified Trapper1

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