Name ISRCs Rating Length
The Death Of Barabbas ?:??
The Empty Tomb 2:52
The Mine's Tragedy 2:19
The Mines 4:17
The Mines ?:??
The Quiet American (1958): Main Titles 1:30
The Quiet American-City Streets 2:26
The Quiet American-Main Titles 1:31
The Quiet American: City Streets 2:25
The Quiet American: Finale 0:50
The Quiet American: Psychological And Passionate 2:08
The Quiet American: The Cathedral 1:38
The Quiet American: The Morgue 3:52
The Quiet American: The Search For Tuong 2:37
The Scent Of Mystery-The Chase 2:52
The Scent Of Mystery-The Chase 2:55
The Shadow Turns ?:??
The Siege Of Lennigrad-The Final Battle 3:37
The Tomb ?:??
The Vengeance of She 1:50
The Vengeance Of She-Carol In The Sea 4:12
The Vengeance Of She-Love Theme 1:39
The Vikings (Suite) (Part I Rape & Pillage) 1:33
The Vikings (Suite) (Part II Ragnar Returns) 2:33
The Vikings (Suite) (Part III Dancing on the Oars) 1:32
The Vikings (Suite) (Part IV Love Scene) 2:30
The Vikings (Suite) (Part V Voyage & Landing in Britain) 2:41
The Vikings (Suite) (Part VI/Attack on the Castle) 3:32
The Vikings (Suite) (Part VII/Funeral & Finale) 3:32
The Vikings-Love Scene 4:06
The Vikings-Regnar Returns 3:03
The Vikings: Suite: Ragnar Returns / Love Scene / Dancing on the Oars / Funeral and Finale 10:04
The Whipping Of Christ ?:??
Thoughts of Venice 0:57
Titoli di testa 1:54
Travelling Jazz 2:09
Travelling Jazz 0:51
Travelling Jazz 0:29
Travelling Jazz 0:29
Viaggio dei vichinghi e sbarco in Inghilterra 6:54
Violenze e stupri dei vichinghi 1:34
Waiting For Little Catherine 3:33
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth 1:55
When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth-End Titles 1:14
When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth-Main Titles 2:34
When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth-Storm On The Sea 3:24
Where The Spies Are-Fight/Vikki 3:04
Where The Spies Are-Main Titles 1:52

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