Legal name: Ólafur Þór Andrésson Arnalds



2007Eulogy for EvolutionÓlafur Arnalds53
2010…and They Have Escaped the Weight of DarknessÓlafur Arnalds53
2013For Now I Am WinterÓlafur Arnalds56
2015The Chopin ProjectÓlafur Arnalds & Alice Sara Ott54
2016Trance FrendzÓlafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm4.54
2016Island SongsÓlafur Arnalds54
2018re:memberÓlafur Arnalds511
2020some kind of peaceÓlafur Arnalds56

Album + Compilation

2015Collaborative WorksÓlafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm1
2022some kind of peace — piano reworksÓlafur Arnalds3

Album + Compilation + DJ-mix

2016LateNightTales: Ólafur ArnaldsÓlafur Arnalds3

Album + Soundtrack

2009Dyad 1909Ólafur Arnalds52
2012Another Happy DayÓlafur Arnalds3
2014Gimme ShelterÓlafur Arnalds3
2015Broadchurch: Original MusicÓlafur Arnalds3
2017Broadchurch: The Final ChapterÓlafur Arnalds2
2022Surface, Season 1Ólafur Arnalds2


2012Two Songs for DanceÓlafur Arnalds2
2016Kinesthesia IÓlafur Arnalds1
2016Say My NameÓlafur Arnalds feat. Arnór Dan1
2016RGBÓlafur Arnalds1
2017ÖldurotÓlafur Arnalds1
2018re:memberÓlafur Arnalds1
2018unfoldÓlafur Arnalds feat. SOHN1
2018samanÓlafur Arnalds1
2019ekki hugsaÓlafur Arnalds1
2019…og lengra (orchestral version)Ólafur Arnalds1
2019momentaryÓlafur Arnalds ft. Voces82
2020OceansRY X & Ólafur Arnalds2
2020Back to the SkyÓlafur Arnalds & JFDR1
2020Woven SongÓlafur Arnalds1
2020LoomÓlafur Arnalds & Bonobo2
2020The Bottom LineÓlafur Arnalds & Josin1
2021Happiness Does Not Wait (2021 Version)Ólafur Arnalds1
2021TREEÓlafur Arnalds1
2021PartisansÓlafur Arnalds1
2022DrifterÓlafur Arnalds1
2022Loom (Sunrise Session II)Ólafur Arnalds & Reykjavík Recording Orchestra1
2022We Could StayJosin & Ólafur Arnalds1
2022Woven Song — piano reworksÓlafur Arnalds; Hania Rani2
2022Light of DayODESZA feat. Ólafur Arnalds1
2022Back to the Sky — piano reworksÓlafur Arnalds; Lambert2
2022New Grass — piano reworksÓlafur Arnalds; tstewart2
2022We Contain Multitudes — piano reworksÓlafur Arnalds; Yiruma2
2022Still / Sound — piano reworksÓlafur Arnalds; Sophie Hutchings2
2022Loom — piano reworksÓlafur Arnalds & Bonobo; Eydís Evensen1
2022Spiral — piano reworksÓlafur Arnalds; Dustin O’Halloran1
2022The Bottom Line – piano reworksÓlafur Arnalds & Josin; JFDR1
2022Undone — piano reworksÓlafur Arnalds; Magnús Jóhann1
2022Zero — piano reworksÓlafur Arnalds; Alfa Mist1
2023VastSandrayati feat. Ólafur Arnalds1
2023and we’ll leave it there…Ólafur Arnalds & Ella McRobb1

Single + Soundtrack

2015Not AloneÓlafur Arnalds1
2017Take My Leave of YouÓlafur Arnalds feat. Arnór Dan2
2021EpilogueÓlafur Arnalds1
2021Saudade (When We Are Born)Ólafur Arnalds2
2021Raddir (Halo Infinite version)Ólafur Arnalds1
2022Video TapeÓlafur Arnalds1

Single + Live

2015Life Story Love and GloryÓlafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm3
2019ypsilon (leicester)Ólafur Arnalds1
2019nyepi (münchen)Ólafur Arnalds1
2020We Contain Multitudes (from home)Ólafur Arnalds1
2021Back to the Sky (Sunrise session)Ólafur Arnalds & JFDR1
2021The Bottom Line (live from home)Josin & Ólafur Arnalds1

Single + Remix

2013Only the WindsÓlafur Arnalds1
2017Oldurot (Tontario remix)Ólafur Arnalds1
2019partial / ypsilonÓlafur Arnalds1
2019they sinkÓlafur Arnalds1
2020For Now I Am Winter (Nils Frahm rework)Ólafur Arnalds & Arnór Dan1


2008Variations of StaticÓlafur Arnalds52
2009Found SongsÓlafur Arnalds52
2010EndalausÓlafur Arnalds1
2011Living Room SongsÓlafur Arnalds56
2012StareÓlafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm3
2013The Winter EPÓlafur Arnalds2
2015LoonÓlafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm2
2019re:member — string quartetsÓlafur Arnalds1
2019re:member — choir versionsÓlafur Arnalds ft. Voces81
2021The InvisibleÓlafur Arnalds1

EP + Compilation

2014Two Songs for Dance / Stare / Thrown EPÓlafur Arnalds2
2022Remember (piano collection)Ólafur Arnalds1

EP + Soundtrack

2013BroadchurchÓlafur Arnalds1
2021When We Are BornÓlafur Arnalds3

EP + Live

2019re:visionsÓlafur Arnalds2
2021A Sunrise SessionÓlafur Arnalds4
2022Sunrise Session IIÓlafur Arnalds2

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