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Release:Sensation - The World's Leading Dance Event by Various Artists (add compilations to this artist)
Name:Sensation White 2006 - The Compilation
11Easy (Misc. Remix)Trick & Kubic Feat. Valeska5:52
22Star Baby (Axwell Remix)Sugiurumn Feat. Miyuki Hatakeyama1:48
33A Bit Patchy (Original Mix)Switch4:00
44German Bodymachine (Original Version)Hell + Rother6:42
55Walking Away (Tocadisco's Acid Walk Mix)The Egg3:40
66Born To Be Alive (Felix Da Housecat's Chicago Tracky Glitz Remix)The Disco Boys Feat. RB*1:20
77Deer In The Headlights (DJ Hell Remix)Chelonis R. Jones4:24
88Sexy Girl (Tobi Neumann Meeting The Girls Remix)2raumwohnung3:47
99Teen Years (Zoo Brazil Remix)Digitaria4:44
1010Good As Gold (Original Version)Tiga6:41
1111Oh Yeah 'Oh Six (Luetzenkirchen Remix)Yello6:30
1212We Share Our Mother's Health (Trentemøller Remix)The Knife7:00
1313I Want, I Need, I Love (Original Version)Moguai3:34
1414On To The BeatPig & Dan7:24
1515Go To Bed (Original Version)Karotte6:51
1616Wann War Gestern?Monika Kruse vs. Dave Shokh5:28
Artist Credits:
1Trick & Kubic Feat. Valeska
Trick & Kubic, Valeska Rautenberg as Valeska
2Sugiurumn Feat. Miyuki Hatakeyama
SUGIURUMN (DJ/producer from Japan) as Sugiurumn, 畠山美由紀 as Miyuki Hatakeyama
Switch (UK house DJ/producer/remixer Dave Taylor)
4Hell + Rother
DJ Hell (German techno DJ, aka Hell) as Hell, Anthony Rother (German electronic music producer) as Rother
5The Egg
The Egg (UK electro/house group)
6The Disco Boys Feat. RB*
The Disco Boys, Roberto Blanco as RB*
7Chelonis R. Jones
Tiga (Montreal techno DJ/producer Tiga Sontag)
Yello (Swiss electronica duo)
12The Knife
The Knife (Swedish indie electronic duo)
14Pig & Dan
Pig&Dan as Pig & Dan
16Monika Kruse vs. Dave Shokh
Monika Kruse (German techno DJ/producer), Dave Shokh