No Comment (German electro/synth pop group)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A dream within NoComment 4:03
Back in the 80's NoComment 4:02
Back in the Eighties No Comment 4:01
Bed of Stone NoComment 3:12
Cafe Sureal (Nachzehrer remix) No Comment 3:44
Capture NoComment 4:44
Capture No Comment 4:49
Capture / [silence] / [untitled] NoComment 8:18
Cold (rain on blue skin part II) NoComment 6:37
Come To Mediopolis (Welcome!) No Comment 5:05
Devil In A Large Sick Dream NoComment 4:16
Every second NoComment 5:02
Eyes of Aragon No Comment 4:37
Eyes Of Aragon (Aragon Is Located 36'N-63'N-12'W-29E) No Comment 4:44
Gone (I Read My Obituary) No Comment 4:59
Hate (7" Mix) No Comment 4:33
Hate (Love Is Weaker Than...) No Comment 6:49
Her eyes rolled back NoComment 4:39
Hyperspace Virtual Server feat. No Comment 6:10
I Can Not Recall (No Brainheads) No Comment 3:31
I don't care tonight NoComment 3:46
I Won't Cry No Comment 3:13
I Won't Cry (radio mix) No Comment 3:12
I Won't Cry (Song For A Stranded Mergirl) NoComment 3:12
In another time NoComment 4:37
Invader (Remix 4) No Comment 4:21
It's Not Too Late (remix) No Comment ?:??
Komm in die Zukunft No Comment 3:46
Little Boy NoComment 3:37
Little Boy (radio mix) No Comment 3:36
Little Satellite NoComment 3:44
Lost Angel NoComment 3:30
Love in Chains NoComment 5:24
Media Interfere (Forza Media) No Comment 3:49
No Insurance No Comment 3:45
Obsession NoComment 3:18
Obsession NoComment 3:33
Organic Life No Comment 3:41
Over, Over No Comment 4:02
Painkiller NoComment 3:43
Perfect toy NoComment 3:48
Phoenix NoComment 3:52
Phoenix (feat. Robert Enforsen) (E-Shock mix) NoComment 4:04
Pulstar (2010 club mix) No Comment 6:42
Pulstar (2010 single) No Comment 4:05
Rain on Blue Skin No Comment 4:07
Red Sweat No Comment 3:04
Red Sweat No Comment ?:??
Revenge NoComment 4:04
Ride To Heaven (Do You Still Believe?) No Comment 4:16
Running backwards in slow motion NoComment 4:22
Screen (09/93 A Fiction-Now Real) No Comment 4:19
Secrets (Crush in Basement mix) No Comment 3:55
Secrets (Crush in Basement short mix) No Comment 3:59
Sepsis No Comment 3:50
Silent Scream (Album Version) NoComment 4:34
Silver Skulls No Comment 4:58
Silver Skulls No Comment 3:55
Song for a Stranded Mergirl (Lonely mix) No Comment 3:26
Song For A Stranded Mergirl (Lonely Mix) No Comment 3:26
Song of a stranded mergirl NoComment 5:01
Stärker No Comment 4:18
Stärker No Comment 4:18
Such A Shame (7" Mix) No Comment 4:20
Such as Shame No Comment 4:29
Suitors (Are You A Client?) No Comment 4:15
The Museum (Datasushi remix) No Comment 4:24
The wedding guest NoComment 4:58
The Wedding Guest No Comment 4:56
This Is Your Lover Speaking NoComment 4:15
Walking in My Shoes No Comment 5:21
Walking in My Shoes No Comment 5:18
You Spin Me Round NoComment 3:33
You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) No Comment 3:29
You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) No Comment 4:01
You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) 98 No Comment 3:59

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