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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Beat This (part of a “Subliminal Winter Sessions” DJ‐mix) Superchumbo 10:53
Bring It (feat. Gay Joy & Alan T) Superchumbo 3:37
Dirty Filthy (feat. Celeda) Superchumbo 7:23
Dirtyfilthy Superchumbo 7:23
Dirtyfilthy (Chus & Ceballos mix) Superchumbo 4:05
Dirtyfilthy (Murk Miami mix) Superchumbo feat. Celeda 4:37
Everything U (a cappella) Superchumbo 1:15
Everything U (Alex Santer dirty mix) Superchumbo 8:54
Everything U (feat. Me) Superchumbo 5:40
Everything U (Robbie Rivera mix) Superchumbo 8:07
Everything U (Superchumbo remix) Superchumbo 6:10
Fall Out Superchumbo 3:28
Fall Out (original mix) Superchumbo 8:41
Get This! Superchumbo 5:02
Get This! (High Octane mix) Superchumbo ?:??
Get This! (High Octane mix) Superchumbo 6:51
Irresistable Superchumbo 4:18
Irresistable (Mouthwatering mix) Superchumbo 6:53
Irresistible (part of “Ministry of Sound: 21st Century Disco 2003” DJ-mix) Superchumbo feat. Sylvia Mason-James 3:35
Irresistible (part of “The Clubber’s Bible Winter 2003” DJ-mix) Superchumbo 3:58
Irresistible (feat. Sylvia Mason James) Superchumbo 3:30
Irresistible (Junior Vasquez mix) Superchumbo 5:27
Irresistible (main mix) Superchumbo 2:36
Irresistible! (Adam Freemer's Aquatic Dub) Superchumbo 7:57
Irresistible! (Greg Oh So Irresistible Mix) Superchumbo 10:43
Irresistible! (Greg's Oh So Irresistible remix) Superchumbo 5:34
Irresistible! (Mouth-Watering Mix) Superchumbo 9:36
Irresistible! (Radio Mix) Superchumbo 3:34
Irresistible! (Tantalizing Twisted Dub) Superchumbo 9:11
Loop (High Octane mix) Superchumbo 5:05
Out There (feat. The Base Boys) Superchumbo 8:36
Revolution Superchumbo 3:41
Revolution Superchumbo 8:16
Revolution (Antoine 909 remix) Superchumbo 5:27
Revolution (feat. Victoria Wilson James & Miguel Mateo) Superchumbo 7:22
Some (feat. Sylvia Mason James) Superchumbo 4:32
Sugar (feat. Samantha Fox) Superchumbo 4:39
Sugar (feat. Samantha Fox) Superchumbo 4:37
The Revolution Superchumbo 3:45
The Revolution Superchumbo 6:00
The Revolution Superchumbo 3:57
The Revolution Superchumbo 5:55
The Revolution Superchumbo 3:43
The Revolution Superchumbo 3:43
The Revolution Superchumbo feat. Victoria Wilson James 8:15
The Revolution Superchumbo 3:56
The Revolution Superchumbo 3:43
The Revolution (a cappella) Superchumbo 1:51
The Revolution (A Cappella) Superchumbo 1:51
The Revolution (feat. Victoria Wilson-James) Superchumbo 4:32
The Revolution (Leadhead Dub) Superchumbo 7:50
The Revolution (Tendroid remix) Superchumbo 6:37
The Revolution (Volta vocal mix) Superchumbo 6:09
The Revolution (Volta vocal mix) Superchumbo 3:33
The Revolution (Volta vocal mix) Superchumbo 7:09
The Revolution (Volta vocal mix) Superchumbo 8:13
The Revolution (Volta Vocal mix) Superchumbo feat. Victoria-Wilson James 7:40
The Revolution (Volta Vocal Mix) Superchumbo 8:13
This Beat Is Superchumbo USTWR0300250 5:47
This Beat Is (Acappella) Superchumbo 2:34
This Beat Is (Acid-Appella) Superchumbo 2:35
This Beat Is (feat. Will Brett) Superchumbo 5:00
This Beat Is (Peace Division Deeper Mix) Superchumbo 7:50
This Beat Is (Peace Division Mix) Superchumbo 2:30
This Beat Is (This Beat Mix) Superchumbo 9:41
This Beat Is (This Body mix) (part of a “MoS: Clubbers Guide to 2004” (AU) DJ‐mix) Superchumbo 3:49
This Beat Is (This Body Mix) Superchumbo 9:26
This Beat Is (Victor Calderone Tribal mix) Superchumbo 3:49
This Beat Is (Victor Calderone Tribal Mix) Superchumbo 10:33
Tranquilizer (feat. Neil Tennant) Superchumbo 4:00
U Know I Love It (feat. Bashiyra) Superchumbo 7:49
Wowie Zowie (feat. Edgy) Superchumbo 4:57

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