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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Creeping Death (live, 1999-07-25: Woodstock 1999, Rome, NY, USA) Metallica 4 6:50
Creeping Death (live, 2000-01-04: All State Arena, Chicago, IL, USA) Metallica 7:24
Creeping Death (live, 2000-01-09: Target Center, Minneapolis, MN, USA) Metallica ?:??
Creeping Death (live, 2000-07-07: Where the Fuck's James: Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA, USA) Metallica feat. guitar: Kenny Olson 7:23
Creeping Death (live, 2003-05-01: San Quentin State Prison, San Quentin, CA, USA) Metallica 6:25
Creeping Death (live, 2003-05-19: The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, USA) Metallica ?:??
Creeping Death (live, 2003-06-08: Rock am Ring, Nürburgring, Germany) Metallica 7:27
Creeping Death (live, 2003-06-11: La Boule Noire, Paris, France) Metallica 6:54
Creeping Death (live, 2003-06-11: La Trabendo, Paris, France) Metallica 7:23
Creeping Death (live, 2003-06-26: Orange Stage, Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark) Metallica 7:15
Creeping Death (live, 2003-07-05: Skydome, Toronto, ON, Canada) Metallica 9:28
Creeping Death (live, 2003-07-13: Citrus Bowl, Orlando, FL, USA) Metallica 7:17
Creeping Death (live, 2003-11-11: Saitama Arena, Tokyo, Japan) Metallica 7:55
Creeping Death (live, 2003-12-03: Spektrum, Oslo, Norway) Metallica 8:25
Creeping Death (live, 2004-03-02: Phoenix, AZ, USA) Metallica 6:57
Creeping Death (live, 2004-03-05: Los Angeles, CA, USA) Metallica 7:07
Creeping Death (live, 2004-03-06: Los Angeles, CA, USA) Metallica 7:06
Creeping Death (live, 2004-03-08: San Francisco, CA, USA) Metallica 6:58
Creeping Death (live, 2004-03-13: Thomas and Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV, USA) Metallica 7:08
Creeping Death (live, 2004-03-18: Rose Garden, Portland, OR, USA) Metallica 7:27
Creeping Death (live, 2004-03-23: Edmonton, AB, Canada) Metallica ?:??
Creeping Death (live, 2004-04-20: Uniondale, NY, USA) Metallica 7:23
Creeping Death (live, 2004-04-26: Norfolk, VA, USA) Metallica ?:??
Creeping Death (live, 2004-04-28: Louisville, KY, USA) Metallica ?:??
Creeping Death (live, 2004-04-29: Grand Rapids, MI, USA) Metallica ?:??
Creeping Death (live, 2004-05-01: Cincinnati, OH, USA) Metallica ?:??
Creeping Death (live, 2004-05-26: Copenhagen, Denmark) Metallica 7:19
Creeping Death (live, 2004-05-28: Olympic Stadium, Helsinki, Finland) Metallica 7:51
Creeping Death (live, 2004-05-30: Ullevi, Gothenburg, Sweden) Metallica ?:??
Creeping Death (live, 2004-05-31: Śląski Stadium, Chorzów, Poland) Metallica 7:21
Creeping Death (live, 2004-06-04: Rock in Rio, Lisbon, Portugal) Metallica 7:58
Creeping Death (live, 2004-06-06: Donington Park, Leicestershire, England, UK) Metallica feat. drums: Joey Jordison 7:55
Creeping Death (live, 2004-06-08: Ludwigshafen, Germany) Metallica 6:38
Creeping Death (live, 2004-06-13: Olympic Stadium, Munich, Germany) Metallica 7:20
Creeping Death (live, 2004-06-15: Partizan Stadium, Belgrade, Serbia) Metallica ?:??
Creeping Death (live, 2004-06-19: La Romareda Stadium, Zaragoza, Spain) Metallica 7:23
Creeping Death (live, 2004-06-21: Amsterdam Arena, Amsterdam, Netherlands) Metallica 7:19
Creeping Death (live, 2004-06-25: Dublin, Ireland) Metallica 7:00
Creeping Death (live, 2004-06-29: Stadio Euganeo, Padova, Italy) Metallica 6:54
Creeping Death (live, 2004-07-02: Werchter, Belgium) Metallica ?:??
Creeping Death (live, 2004-08-19: Indianapolis, IN, USA) Metallica ?:??
Creeping Death (live, 2004-08-24: Peoria, IL, USA) Metallica 7:43
Creeping Death (live, 2004-08-25: Fort Wayne, IN, USA) Metallica 7:20
Creeping Death (live, 2004-08-27: Chicago, IL, USA) Metallica 7:53
Creeping Death (live, 2004-08-28: Chicago, IL, USA) Metallica 7:08
Creeping Death (live, 2004-08-30: Hilton Coliseum, Ames, IA, USA) Metallica ?:??
Creeping Death (live, 2004-09-03: Frank Erwin Center, Austin TX, USA) Metallica ?:??
Creeping Death (live, 2004-09-04: Lubbock, TX, USA) Metallica 6:58
Creeping Death (live, 2004-10-06: Toronto, ON, Canada) Metallica 6:30
Creeping Death (live, 2004-10-07: Corel Centre, Ottawa, ON, Canada) Metallica 8:02
Creeping Death (live, 2004-10-15: Pepsi Colisee, Quebec City, QC, Canada) Metallica 7:37
Creeping Death (live, 2004-10-17: Washington, DC, USA) Metallica ?:??
Creeping Death (live, 2004-10-20: Philadelphia, PA, USA) Metallica ?:??
Creeping Death (live, 2005-11-15: San Francisco, CA, USA) Metallica 6:44
Creeping Death (live, 2006-01-25: Harry O's, Park City, UT, USA) Metallica 6:40
Creeping Death (live, 2006-03-21: Durban, South Africa) Metallica 6:27
Creeping Death (live, 2006-03-25: Green Point Stadium, Cape Town, South Africa) Metallica 7:13
Creeping Death (live, 2006-06-03: Rock am Ring, Nürburgring, Germany) Metallica 6:30
Creeping Death (live, 2006-06-04: Rock im Park: Nürnberg, Germany) Metallica 6:18
Creeping Death (live, 2006-06-10: Download Festival, Donington, UK) Metallica 6:39
Creeping Death (live, 2006-06-11: Download Festival Ireland, Dublin, Ireland) Metallica 6:25
Creeping Death (live, 2006-06-13: Tallin, Estonia) Metallica 6:38
Creeping Death (live, 2006-06-17: Heineken Jammin Festival, Imola, Italy) Metallica 6:11
Creeping Death (live, 2006-08-12: Tokyo Summer Sonic Festival, Tokyo, Japan) Metallica ?:??
Creeping Death (live, 2006-08-13: Osaka Summer Sonic Festival, Osaka, Japan) Metallica 6:22
Creeping Death (live, 2006-08-15: Olympic Stadium, Seoul, South Korea) Metallica 6:57
Creeping Death (live, 2006-08-15: Seoul Olympic Main Stadium, Seoul, Korea) Metallica ?:??
Creeping Death (live, 2007-06-28: Super Rock Super Bock Festival, Lisbon, Portugal) Metallica 6:25
Creeping Death (live, 2007-06-29: Bilbao BBK Live Festival, Bilbao, Spain) Metallica ?:??
Creeping Death (live, 2007-07-01: Rock Werchter Festival, Werchter, Belgium) Metallica 6:19
Creeping Death (live, 2007-07-03: Rockwave Festival, Athens, Greece) Metallica 6:21
Creeping Death (live, 2007-07-05: Rotundenplatz, Vienna, Austria) Metallica ?:??
Creeping Death (live, 2007-07-08: Wembley Stadium, London, UK) Metallica ?:??
Creeping Death (live, 2007-07-10: Valle Hovin Stadion, Oslo, Norway) Metallica ?:??
Creeping Death (live, 2007-07-12: Stadion, Stockholm, Sweden) Metallica 6:26
Creeping Death (live, 2007-07-15: Olympic Stadium, Helsinki, Finland) Metallica 6:20
Creeping Death (live, 2007-07-18: Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, Russia) Metallica 6:20
Creeping Death (live, 2008-05-14: Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA) Metallica 6:36
Creeping Death (live, 2008-05-16: Pima County Fairgrounds, Tucson, AZ, USA) Metallica 6:40
Creeping Death (live, 2008-05-17: Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Irvine, CA, USA) Metallica 6:38
Creeping Death (live, 2008-05-28: Śląski Stadium, Chorzów, Poland) Metallica 6:27
Creeping Death (live, 2008-05-30: Megaland, Landgraaf, Netherlands) Metallica 6:25
Creeping Death (live, 2008-05-31: Getafe Electric Weekend, Madrid, Spain) Metallica 6:28
Creeping Death (live, 2008-06-03: Slavia Stadium, Prague, Czech Republic) Metallica 6:23
Creeping Death (live, 2008-06-05: Rock in Rio Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal) Metallica 6:40
Creeping Death (live, 2008-06-07: Rock am Ring, Nürburgring, Germany) Metallica 6:22
Creeping Death (live, 2008-06-08: Rock im Park: Nürnberg, Germany) Metallica 6:27
Creeping Death (live, 2008-06-13: Bonnaroo Music + Arts Festival, Manchester, TN, USA) Metallica 6:23
Creeping Death (live, 2008-07-16: Bergunhus Castle, Bergen, Norway) Metallica 6:22
Creeping Death (live, 2008-07-18: SKK Hall, St. Petersburg, Russia) Metallica 6:28
Creeping Death (live, 2008-07-20: Skonto Stadium, Riga, Latvia) Metallica 6:20
Creeping Death (live, 2008-07-22: Parco Nord, Bologna, Italy) Metallica 6:16
Creeping Death (live, 2008-07-23: Cotroceni Football Stadium, Bucharest, Romania) Metallica 6:42
Creeping Death (live, 2008-07-25: Levski Stadium, Sofia, Bulgaria) Metallica 6:21
Creeping Death (live, 2008-07-27: Ali Sami Yen Stadium, Istanbul, Turkey) Metallica 6:21
Creeping Death (live, 2008-08-09: Ozzfest, Dallas, TX, USA) Metallica 6:23
Creeping Death (live, 2008-08-14: Grand d'Arras, Arras, France) Metallica 6:22
Creeping Death (live, 2008-08-15: Pukkelpop Festival, Hasselt, Belgium) Metallica 6:36
Creeping Death (live, 2008-08-17: Degenaupark, Wil Jonschwil, Switzerland) Metallica 6:24
Creeping Death (live, 2008-08-20: Marlay Park, Dublin, Ireland) Metallica 6:21

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