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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2006-06-04: Rock im Park: Nürnberg, Germany) 6:58
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2006-06-06: Waldbuhne, Berlin, Germany) 7:29
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2006-06-08: Arnhem, Holland) 7:22
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2006-06-10: Download Festival, Donington, UK) 7:16
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2006-06-11: Download Festival Ireland, Dublin, Ireland) 7:23
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2006-06-13: Tallin, Estonia) 7:37
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2006-06-17: Heineken Jammin Festival, Imola, Italy) 7:22
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2006-08-12: Tokyo Summer Sonic Festival, Tokyo, Japan) ?:??
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2006-08-13: Osaka Summer Sonic Festival, Osaka, Japan) 6:40
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2006-08-15: Seoul Olympic Main Stadium, Seoul, Korea) ?:??
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2007-06-29: Bilbao BBK Live Festival, Bilbao, Spain) ?:??
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2007-07-01: Rock Werchter Festival, Werchter, Belgium) 6:35
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2007-07-03: Rockwave Festival, Athens, Greece) 6:38
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2007-07-05: Rotundenplatz, Vienna, Austria) ?:??
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2007-07-10: Valle Hovin Stadion, Oslo, Norway) ?:??
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2007-07-18: Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, Russia) 6:34
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2008-05-14: Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA) 6:21
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2008-05-28: Śląski Stadium, Chorzów, Poland) 6:53
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2008-06-05: Rock in Rio Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal) 6:33
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2008-06-12: Grimey's New & Preloved Music Basement, Nashville, TN, USA) 7:29
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2008-06-12: The Basement, Nashville, TN, USA) 7:30
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2008-07-20: Skonto Stadium, Riga, Latvia) 6:54
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2008-07-23: Cotroceni Football Stadium, Bucharest, Romania) 6:28
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2008-07-25: Levski Stadium, Sofia, Bulgaria) 7:06
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2008-07-27: Ali Sami Yen Stadium, Istanbul, Turkey) 6:53
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2008-08-09: Ozzfest, Dallas, TX, USA) 7:00
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2008-08-14: Grand d'Arras, Arras, France) 6:46
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2008-08-17: Degenaupark, Wil Jonschwil, Switzerland) 7:17
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2008-08-20: Marlay Park, Dublin, Ireland) 6:34
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2008-08-22: Leeds Festival, Leeds, UK) 7:18
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2008-08-24: Reading Festival, Reading, UK) 6:49
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2008-12-01: Key Arena, Seattle, WA, USA) 6:33
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2009-01-13: Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI, USA) 6:16
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2009-03-25: LG NEC Arena, Birmingham, UK) 6:15
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2009-05-11: Frankfurt, Germany) 6:27
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2009-05-12: Colorline Arena, Hamburg, Germany) ?:??
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2009-07-05: Rock Werchter, Werchter, Belgium) 6:11
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2009-07-23: Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark) 6:21
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2009-10-03: St. Pete Times Forum, Tampa, FL, USA) 6:14
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2009: Colisée Pepsi, Quebec City, QC, Canada) 6:10
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2010-01-24: Córdoba, Argentina) 6:12
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2010-03-14: San Juan Magnetic, San Juan, Puerto Rico) 6:29
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2010-06-16: Sonisphere, Bemowo Airport, Warsaw, Poland) 6:08
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2010-06-18: Sonisphere, Degenaupark, Wil Jonschwil, Switzerland) 6:40
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2010-06-22: Sonisphere Festival, Vasil Levski National Stadium, Sofia, Bulgaria) 6:15
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2010-06-22: Sonisphere Festival, Vasil Levski National Stadium, Sofia, Bulgaria) 6:04
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2010-09-15: Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, Australia) 6:22
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2010-09-18: Acer Arena, Sydney, Australia) 6:14
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2010-09-21: CBS Canterbury Arena, Christchurch, New Zealand) 6:11
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2011-04-23: The Big Four, Empire Polo Club, Indio, CA, USA) 6:22
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2011-07-06: Fiera Open Air Arena, Milan, Italy) 6:34
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2011-07-08: Sonisphere UK, Knebworth House, UK) 6:32
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2011-12-10: The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, USA) 9:14
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2012-08-04: Sports Palace, Mexico City, Mexico) 6:23
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2013-02-23: Soundwave Festival, Brisbane, Australia) 7:05
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2013-07-06: Rosklide Festival, Roskilde, Denmark) 6:48
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2013-12-08: Carlini Argentine Base, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica) 7:14
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2014-03-16: Parque Simon Bolivar, Bogota, Columbia) 6:13
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2014-05-28: Hietaniemi Beach, Helsinki, Finland) 6:17
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2014-06-06: Rock im Park, Zeppelinfeld, Nuremberg, Germany) 6:20
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2015-02-09: Pier 48, San Francisco, CA, USA) 6:57
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2015-02-09: San Francisco, CA, USA) 6:57
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2015-09-16: Centre Videotron, Quebec City, QC, Canada) 7:03
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2016-02-06: The Night Before, San Francisco, CA, USA) 7:57
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live, 2016-08-20: U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN, USA) 6:57
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live: Santiago, Chile) 6:25
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (1985, from James’ riff tapes II) 1:57
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (1985, from James’ riff tapes) 2:07
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (early June 1985 demo) 5:04
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (late June 1985 demo) 9:00
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Late June 1985 Demo) 8:59
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (live at the Country club, Reseda, CA - November 8th, 1986) 6:00
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (May 1985, writing in progress) 6:16
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (November 1985, work in progress rough mix) 6:29
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (September 1985 Drum Room Jam) 1:22
When a Blind Man Cries QMKHM1600391 3.65 4:37
When a Blind Man Cries (live, 2014-05-12: Club Nokia, Los Angeles, CA, USA) 4:15
When Hell Freezes Over 7:18
When Hell Freezes Over 8:03
When Hell Freezes Over 7:20
When Hell Freezes Over 7:20
When Hell Freezes Over ?:??
When Hell Freezes Over (demo, 1983) 5:57
When Hell Freezes Over (live, 1984-12-20: Lyceum Ballroom, London, UK) 8:14
When Hell Freezes Over (studio demo) 8:41
When Hell Freezes Over ("The Call of Ktulu") (live, 1983-10-31: The Keystone, Palo Alto, CA, USA) 9:09
When Hell Freezes Over ("The Call of Ktulu") (studio demo) 8:42
When Hell Freezes Over ("The Call of Ktulu") (Garage demo) 9:21
When Hell Freezes Over (A.K.A. The Call of Ktulu) (demo, 1983) 8:03
Where the Wild Things Are GBAMC9700009
3.4 6:54
Where the Wild Things Are (jam) (live, 1998-07-17: East Rutherford, NJ, USA) 4:40
Wherever I May Roam 5:36
Wherever I May Roam 5:43
Wherever I May Roam 5:44
Wherever I May Roam 6:05
Wherever I May Roam 6:30
Wherever I May Roam ?:??
Wherever I May Roam 6:42
Wherever I May Roam GBF089190017
4.25 6:44
Wherever I May Roam 6:59

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