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2013-11-01Call Me the Breeze (live, 2013-11-01: Later... With Jools Holland)electric guitarJohn Mayer3:43
2013-11-01Wildfire (live, 2013-11-01: Later... With Jools Holland)lap steel guitarJohn Mayer3:50
2014-08Met an Old FriendguitarLucinda Williams3:53
2nd Floorguitar [Gibson acoustic]Vic Chesnutt6:15
A Thousand Lieselectric guitarMark Sholtez4:24
A Thousand Liespedal steel guitarMark Sholtez4:24
All Four Seasonselectric guitarMark Sholtez3:04
Band Campguitar [12-string rickenbacker]Vic Chesnutt4:34
Born and Raised (Live on Letterman)lap steel guitarJohn Mayer5:49
Dear Marie (Live on Letterman)electric guitarJohn Mayer4:17
Fa-La-Laguitar [12-string rickenbacker]Vic Chesnutt5:21
Far Enough Awayelectric guitarMark Sholtez4:16
Far Enough Awaylap steel guitarMark Sholtez4:16
General TaylorguitarRichard Thompson with Jack Shit3:53
Girl’s SayguitarVic Chesnutt3:24
Going Down the Road Feeling Bad (Live on Letterman)pedal steel guitarJohn Mayer6:20
Green and BlueguitarAsaf Avidan3:37
Greenland Whale FisheriesguitarVan Dyke Parks4:41
Honey Chileelectric guitarLucinda Williams2:20
If I Ever Get Around to Living (Live on Letterman)pedal steel guitarJohn Mayer9:16
In My Way, Yesguitar [Gibson acoustic]Vic Chesnutt5:16
Kiss Mepedal steel guitarChocolate Genius Inc.2:27
Kiss Melap steel guitarChocolate Genius Inc.2:27
Kissed It All Awayelectric guitarMark Sholtez3:43
Memories of a Winter's Nightacoustic guitarDave Koz3:32
Mingulay Boat SongguitarRichard Thompson4:13
No Kind of Loveslide guitarMark Sholtez3:13
No Kind of Loveelectric guitarMark Sholtez3:13
On the Way Home (Live on Letterman)pedal steel guitarJohn Mayer4:21
People Talkin'mandolinLucinda Williams5:12
Polanskilap steel guitarChocolate Genius Inc.2:37
Polanskipedal steel guitarChocolate Genius Inc.2:37
Queen of California (Live on Letterman)electric guitarJohn Mayer6:24
Queen of California (Live on Letterman)pedal steel guitarJohn Mayer6:24
She'll Change Your Mindbaritone guitar [electric]Mark Sholtez3:42
She'll Change Your Mindelectric guitarMark Sholtez3:42
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room (Live on Letterman)pedal steel guitarJohn Mayer6:36
Something Like Olivia (Live on Letterman)acoustic guitarJohn Mayer4:06
Stay Insideguitar [gretsch guitar]Vic Chesnutt4:44
Styrofoamguitar [gretsch]Vic Chesnutt4:57
Sultan, So Mightypedal steel guitar [pedal steel]Vic Chesnutt8:18
The Age of Worry (Live on Letterman)mandoguitarJohn Mayer3:36
The Mystery of Youelectric guitarMark Sholtez3:31
This Is Where It Startspedal steel guitarMark Sholtez3:09
This Old Guitarelectric guitarLucinda Williams2:44
This Perfect Daylap steel guitarMark Sholtez3:46
Too Late for Heroeselectric guitarMark Sholtez4:12
Too Late for HeroesmandolinMark Sholtez4:12
We Could Get LostmandolinMark Sholtez4:11
We Could Get Lostelectric guitarMark Sholtez4:11
Wildfire (Live on Letterman)lap steel guitarJohn Mayer4:14
Wren’s Nestguitar [tremolo gretsch]Vic Chesnutt5:17
Zippy MoroccomandolinVic Chesnutt4:05
Zippy Moroccooctave mandolinVic Chesnutt4:05
Blood Red Rosesbackground vocalsSting2:45
Greenland Whale Fisheriesbackground vocalsVan Dyke Parks4:41
Moving Onpedal steel guitarKan Wakan
World Without Tearselectric guitarLucinda Williams
World Without Tearsbackground vocals [harmonies]Lucinda Williams