Hawke (DJ/producer Gavin Hardkiss)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
3 Nudes (Having Sax on Acid) Hawke 8:27
3 Nudes (Having Sex on Acid) Hawke 8:29
3 Nudes Having Sax on Acid (remix by Scott Hardkiss) (Dan Ghenacia DJ-mix) Hawke ?:??
3 Nudes in a Purple Garden Hawke 7:03
3 Nudes in a Purple Garden Hawke 4:43
Amazon Hawke 7:39
Born Under a Lucky Star Hawke 7:51
Born Under a Lucky Star Hawke 7:53
Can You Feel the Love (Digital Jaques remix) Hawke 9:45
Can You See the Love Hawke 8:01
Can You See The Love (David Christophere mix) / Her Sereo Malanger / Colours (Luke Chable remix) (part of “Original Series: OS_0.2” DJ‐mix) Hawke / TwoFourteen / Son Kite 7:12
Colombo's Got Sloweye Hawke 5:49
Columbo's Got Sloweye Hawke 4:09
Columbo's Got Sloweye Hawke 8:22
Elephant Biltong Hawke 6:28
Everything Will Be OK Hawke 1:00
Flower Girl Hawke 4:14
Fly Fly Away (Hawke/Skyler remix) Hawke 4:05
Fly Fly Fly Away Hawke 4:41
Fung Hawke 6:58
Garden of Your Mind Hawke 5:01
Garden of Your Mind (Bluetech's Mountain High mix) Hawke 7:39
High on the Sea Hawke 7:26
High On The Sea Hawke 7:26
I Have her Hawke 9:48
I Have Her Hawke 9:47
Juanita Cabana Hawke 6:20
Le Le Lengwe Hawke 6:33
Le Le Lengwe (Unogabisela Nabagudli mix) Hawke 5:35
Let It Go Hawke 4:29
Love Won Another Hawke 5:31
Lovebug Hawke 4:00
Mass Hawke 7:19
Mass Hawke 7:22
Mass (DJ mixed by Pathaan) Hawke 5:56
Midnight Ravers Hawke 5:42
Now We Know (Lovesky mix) Hawke 3:57
Now We Know (Lovesky remix) Hawke 8:01
Now We Know One Hawke 6:20
Orchestral (live in L.A.) Hawke 2:02
Orchestral (Recorded live in LA) Hawke ?:??
Pacific Coast Highway No. 1 Hawke 6:15
Pacificodelic (feat. DJ Adnan) Hawke 7:00
Party People (Q-Burns and Huggy mix) Hawke 8:24
Party People (Red Moon remix) Hawke 6:32
Party People (We're Gonna Change the World) Hawke 5:14
Positive Subtracting Hawke 4:26
Rachdingue Hawke ?:??
Remember Tomorrow Hawke 5:52
Sad and Blue Hawke 5:06
Salome's Last Chance Hawke 6:51
Shnowed In Hawke 6:01
Starfish Waitress Hawke 6:29
Stationary Tornado Hawke 8:17
Sticky Trumpets Hawke 6:45
Sticky Trumpets (Handieman Maurice mix) Hawke 5:58
The Hardest Kiss Hawke 3:25
The Monkey's Wedding Hawke 5:41
To the Discoteque (feat. T Tauri) Hawke 5:38
Vivos en la Muerte Hawke 8:03
Vivos en la Muerte Hawke 10:00
Vivos En La Muerte Hawke 7:11
Vivos En La Muerte (part of “Original Series: OS_0.2” DJ‐mix) Hawke 7:11
We Come From Far Hawke 6:51
Yellow Tangerine Hawke 7:33

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