Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Lobster Song Dissidenten 5:34
Lobster Song Dissidenten 3:37
Lost Hindu Tapes Dissidenten 18:43
Lost Hindu-Tapes Dissidenten 6:02
Love Supreme Dissidenten 5:27
Love Supreme Dissidenten 5:25
Love Supreme (Breakout mix) Dissidenten/DJ Badmarsh 6:19
Love Supreme (DJ Badmarsh Breakout mix) Dissidenten 6:33
Love Supreme 98 Dissidenten 7:30
Maharajas' Ox-Cart Dissidenten 2:51
Mani Dissidenten 4:25
Maramu: Evolution Mix Dissidenten 7:25
Mata Hari Dissidenten 5:54
Mata Hari Dissidenten 5:50
Memories of Chilli Dissidenten 3:56
Memories of Chilli Dissidenten 4:40
Monsoon Dissidenten 4:04
Morning Dance Dissidenten 4:01
Morning Dance (Kulisch & Vana version) Dissidenten 4:22
Morning Dance (Kulisch & Vana version) Dissidenten 4:23
Morock'n Roll Dissidenten & Jil Jilala 5:26
Morock'n Roll (live, Berlin) Dissidenten 4:46
Morock'n Roll (single edit) Dissidenten & Jil Jilala 3:23
Morock'n Roll, Part 2 (Kasbah version) Dissidenten & Jil Jilala 3:12
Nalina kanti Dissidenten 5:29
Nalina Kanti Dissidenten 6:00
Narmade Har Dissidenten 1:35
Neuroserve: Okzident Mix Dissidenten 6:33
Never Say No Dissidenten 4:57
Open Up Your Eyes Dissidenten 6:13
Open Up Your Eyes (Path of Rhythm mix) Dissidenten 6:20
Out of this World Dissidenten 4:01
Out of This World Dissidenten 4:02
Path of Rhythm Dissidenten 4:43
Path of Rhythm (Tvs mix) Dissidenten 5:19
Peshell Allah Dissidenten & Karnataka College of Percussion 8:48
Puja-Celebration Dissidenten 2:15
Radio Arabia Dissidenten 3:57
Rhythm Ace: Time-In Mix Dissidenten 8:51
Roots of Tanger Dissidenten 3:21
Roots of Tanger Dissidenten 3:21
Sahara Elektrik Dissidenten 7:02
Sahara Elektrik Dissidenten 3:37
Sahara Elektrik Dissidenten ?:??
Sahara Elektrik Dissidenten 9:29
Sahara Elektrik Dissidenten 11:31
Sahara Elektrik Dissidenten 11:28
Sahara Elektrik Dissidenten 11:28
Schwarzmart: Rudyard Mix Dissidenten 5:55
Seek to Sigh Dissidenten 4:35
Seek to Sigh (Deep Space Radio edit) Dissidenten 4:53
Seek to Sight (Deep Space radio edit) (part of a “Bar Lounge Classics: Oriental Edition” DJ‐mix) Dissidenten 4:49
Shadows Go Arab Dissidenten 4:59
Shadows Go Arab Dissidenten 4:13
Shadows Go Arab (Remember Hank Marvin) Dissidenten ?:??
Shake the Sheikh Dissidenten 4:43
Shake The Sheikh Dissidenten 4:43
Shine on Me Dissidenten 5:28
Siebzig bis Achtzig Dissidenten 3:24
Sloka Bhajan Dissidenten & Karnataka College of Percussion 7:24
Song 4 a Rainbow Dissidenten & Jil Jilala 7:20
Song for Winnie Mandela Dissidenten 2:30
Song for Winnie Mandela Dissidenten 2:33
Sound of Water Dissidenten 0:45
Sultan Swing Dissidenten 6:05
Sultan Swing Dissidenten 7:03
Sultan Swing Dissidenten 6:03
Sven Vath: Mantra-Trance Mix Dissidenten 9:23
Tala Tangarini Dissidenten & Karnataka College of Percussion 21:57
Tala Tarangini Dissidenten 4:59
Telephone Arab Dissidenten 5:36
Telephone Arab Dissidenten 5:49
Telephone Arab Dissidenten 6:08
Telephone Arab Dissidenten 6:34
Telephone Arab Dissidenten 4:50
Telephone Arab (Bucovina dub-remixed by Shantel) Dissidenten 6:37
Telephone Arab (Shantel's Bucovina dub) Dissidenten 6:36
Telephone Arab (Shantel's Bucovina Dub) Dissidenten 6:37
Telephone Arab (Shantel's Bucovina Dub) Dissidenten 6:38
Telisi Rama Dissidenten & Karnataka College of Percussion 7:02
That Would Be a Good Idea Dissidenten & Karnataka College of Percussion 9:50
The Dreams and the Loaf of Bread Dissidenten 3:54
The Good Old Days of Tomorrow Are Now Dissidenten ?:??
The Instinctive Traveller Dissidenten 4:23
The World Is a Mirror Dissidenten & Jil Jilala 7:27
The World Is Like a Mirror Dissidenten 4:04
This Is Not America Dissidenten 4:40
Three Fish in the Desert Dissidenten 3:52
Truth Is the Only Religion Dissidenten & Jil Jilala 8:15
Turn on the Light Dissidenten 3:17
Urban Dervish (For Paul Bowles) Dissidenten 3:57
Veena Vadini Dissidenten 4:33
Veena Vadini Dissidenten 2:30
Walking the Camel Dissidenten 5:00
We Are Dissidention Dissidenten 4:58
Zain Dissidenten ?:??

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