Honeycrack (British rock band)

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King of Misery / 5 MinutesHoneycrackCD2
  • XE1995-05-22
Sony Music (global brand, excluding JP, owned by Sony Music Entertainment; for use as release label only when no sub-label/imprint is specified)PPPCD1[none]
Sitting at HomeHoneycrackCD4
  • XE1995-10-23
Epic662538 25099766253824
Go Away (CD1)HoneycrackCD3
  • XE1996-02-14
Epic662864 25099766286426
Go Away (CD2)HoneycrackCD3
  • XE1996-02-14
Epic662864 55099766286457
  • XE1996-05-20
Epic484230 25099748423023
King of Misery (CD1)HoneycrackCD4
  • XE1996-05-29
Epic663147 25099766314723
King of Misery (CD2)HoneycrackCD4
  • XE1996-05-29
Epic663147 55099766314754
  • JP1996-06-05
EpicESCA 64414988010644123
Sitting at Home (CD2)HoneycrackCD4
  • GB1996-07-08
Epic663503 55099766350356
Sitting at Home (CD1)HoneycrackCD3
  • GB1996-07-08
Epic663503 25099766350525
Anyway (CD1)HoneycrackCD3
  • GB1996-11-04
E.G. Records Ltd.EGO 52-A5029946000061
  • GB1996-11-04
E.G. Records Ltd.EGO 52-B
P.S. The Unreleased DemosHoneycrackCD10
  • GB1998-08-17
369 Records369CD001
P.S. The Unreleased DemosHoneyCrackCD12
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