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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Astro Dawn Transa 8:10
Astro Dawn Transa 3:56
Astro Dawn Transa ?:??
Behind the sun Transa 8:12
Behind the Sun Transa 4:54
Behind the Sun Transa 7:38
Behind the Sun Transa 7:47
Behind the Sun Transa 8:12
Behind the Sun (part of “Reactivate 13” DJ-mix) Transa 5:28
Behind the Sun (part of “X-Cabs: Exposure” DJ-mix) Transa 6:28
Behind the Sun (part of a “Gatecrasher: Black” DJ‐mix) Transa 3:53
Behind The Sun Transa 8:10
Behind The Sun Transa 8:14
Behind the Sun (original mix) Transa 8:13
Carla's Theme Transa 7:08
Carla's Theme Transa 7:48
Carla's Theme Transa 7:36
Carla's Theme (part of “X-Cabs: Exposure” DJ-mix) Transa 5:21
Carla's Theme (part of a “Gatecrasher: Wet” DJ‐mix) Transa 5:30
Carla's Theme (part of a “Gatecrasher: Wet” DJ‐mix) Transa 4:33
Defunkt Transa 7:35
Distchilla Transa 7:33
Electronique Transa 8:16
Enervate Transa 4:29
Enervate Transa 2:35
Enervate Transa 7:50
Enervate Transa 7:45
Enervate Transa 7:50
Enervate Transa 6:55
Enervate Transa ?:??
Enervate Transa 7:45
Enervate Transa 7:50
Enervate Transa 7:52
Enervate (DJ Harmony Street Parade ’97: Live! mix) Transa 3:17
Enervate (part of a “Gatecrasher: National Anthems” DJ‐mix) Transa 4:38
Enervate (part of a “MoS: Trance Nation: The Collection” DJ‐mix) Transa 3:51
Enervate (part of a “Northern Exposure 2” DJ‐mix) Transa 4:48
Enervate (part of a “Trance Classics” DJ‐mix) Transa 6:15
Enervate (DJ's at Work mix) Transa 7:36
Enervate (ETS remix) Transa 6:55
Enervate (original mix) Transa 7:51
Enervate (original mix) (part of “Kiss Mix 98” DJ-mix) Transa 6:17
Enervate (original mix) (part of “Paul Oakenfold: Tranceport” DJ-mix) Transa 7:02
Enervate (original mix) (part of a “Resident: Two Years of Oakenfold at Cream” DJ‐mix) Transa 5:00
Escada Transa 7:10
Escada Transa ?:??
Exciter Transa 6:51
Give up the Ghost Transa 7:04
Hi Energy Transa 7:46
Interphase Transa 6:46
Kinetic Transa 7:44
Kinetic Transa 3:40
Marcato (Album mix) Transa 6:58
Marcato (Breakbeat mix) Transa 7:23
Nightstalker Transa 7:40
Nightstalker Transa 6:49
Nightstalker Transa 5:39
Nightstalker (remix) (part of “Essential DJ Mixes, Vol. 1” DJ‐mix) Transa 6:52
Nightvision Transa 7:36
Nothing to Fear Escape aka Transa 7:28
Perpetua Transa 5:58
Perpetua Transa 6:45
Perpetua Transa 5:54
Perpetua Transa ?:??
Prophase Transa 6:52
Prophase Transa 7:10
Prophase Transa 5:18
Prophase (part of "Perfecto Fluoro" DJ mix) Transa 5:57
Prophase (L.S.G. remix) Transa 8:47
Prophase (LSG remix) Transa 8:49
Prophase (X-cabs remix 1) Transa 4:37
Prophase (X-Cabs remix 1) Transa 6:51
Prophase (X-Cabs remix 1) Transa 6:56
Prophase (X-Cabs remix One) Transa 6:56
Prophase (X-Cabs remix One) Transa 6:53
Prophase (X-Cabs remix One) (part of “Cream Anthems 97” DJ‐mix) Transa 5:10
Prophase (X-Cabs remix One) (part of a “Resident: Two Years of Oakenfold at Cream” DJ‐mix) Transa 4:51
Prophase (X-Cabs Remix One) (part of a “Reactivate 12” DJ‐mix) Transa 4:25
Prophase (X-Cabs remix Two) Transa 6:28
Prophase (X-Cabs remix) Transa 7:12
Prophase (X-Cabs remix) Transa 6:53
Recoil Transa 7:15
Retrode Transa 7:09
Rotation Transa 8:22
Rotation Transa 8:18
Rotation Transa ?:??
Solar Silence Escape aka Transa 7:27
Supernova Transa 6:23
Supernova Transa 4:37
Supernova Transa 5:13
Supernova Transa 3:19
Supernova Transa 3:32
Supernova Transa 6:21
Supernova Transa 2 6:18
Supernova Transa 5:01
Supernova Transa 5:09
Supernova Transa 5:05
Supernova (part of “X-Cabs: Exposure” DJ-mix) Transa 4:37
Supernova (part of a “‘Pure’ Euphoria: Level 4” DJ‐mix) Transa 3:48
Supernova (original mix) (part of a “Breakdown: The Very Best of Euphoric Dance” DJ‐mix) Transa 3:30

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