Juliet Roberts (British jazz, rock, and house music singer)

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collaborator on: Ferry Aid
member of: Funk Masters (80s UK funk/electro group)
Working Week
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Needin’ U
Life Goes Around Courtney Pine 4:17
Needin' U (DJ Java mix) David Morales feat. Juliet Roberts 8:37
Needin' U II (I Need U) The Face feat. Juliet Roberts 3:20
Needin' You (feat. Juliet Roberts) The Face 3:58
Autumn Boy Working Week 6:34
Caught in the Middle (original remix) Juliet Roberts 4:06
Country Girl background vocals Primal Scream 4:33
Dancing in Motion Working Week 4:09
Dancing in Motion background vocals Working Week 4:09
Down by the Water background vocals Amy Macdonald 3:27
Friend (Touche Pas à Mon Pôte) background vocals Working Week 4:43
Friend (Touche Pas à Mon Pôte) Working Week 4:43
I Don't Know What's on Your Mind background vocals Edyta Górniak 4:00
I Thought I’d Never See You Again Working Week 6:27
Inner City Blues Working Week 5:44
Inner City Blues (Urbane Guerrilla mix) Working Week 5:43
King of the Night Working Week 5:19
Little Death background vocals Primal Scream 6:24
NEVER END (LOVE ENHANCED ♥ single collection version) background vocals 安室奈美恵 6:07
Nitty Gritty background vocals Primal Scream 3:40
No Cure No Pay Working Week 8:29
Proper CrimBO! (a cappella) additional Bo’ Selecta! 2:00
Proper CrimBO! (a cappella) additional Bo’ Selecta! 3:36
Proper CrimBO! (Making of the video) / Proper CrimBO! (video) additional Bo’ Selecta! 14:57
Proper CrimBO! (single version) additional Bo’ Selecta! 3:36
Saturday Night Sunday Morning 2007 T‐Empo feat. Juliet Roberts 3:24
Shot in the Dark Working Week 5:17
Solo Working Week 4:41
Sometimes I Feel So Lonely background vocals Primal Scream 5:07
Soul Train background vocals Working Week 4:44
South Africa Working Week 4:50
Southern Cross Working Week 7:54
Sweet Nothing Working Week 3:39
That's the Way I Feel About You background vocals Edyta Górniak 3:59
Too Much Time Working Week 4:01
Too Much Time background vocals Working Week 4:01
Touching Heaven Working Week 4:08
Venceremos Working Week 4:41
When You Come Back to Me background vocals Edyta Górniak 4:06
Who’s Fooling Who? Working Week 5:05
break the rules background vocals namie amuro
Needin’ U (I Needed U’) lead vocals David Morales presents The Face featuring Juliet Roberts
Sold background vocals Boy George
What Up, Dog? guest Was (Not Was)
Caught in the Middle
Free Love
I Like
I Want You
So Good