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1977-05-18 – 1977-05-19ApkalopsguitarEGBA?:??
1977-05-18 – 1977-05-19BinkologuitarEGBA?:??
1977-05-18 – 1977-05-19SatobeguitarEGBA?:??
1977-05-18 – 1977-05-19Senioa Delide / Trabajo Para EgbaguitarEGBA?:??
1977-05-18 – 1977-05-19TemneguitarEGBA?:??
1977-05-18 – 1977-05-19Unidad ObreraguitarEGBA?:??
1978-04-17 – 1978-04-23Amigos latinosguitarEGBA7:51
1978-04-17 – 1978-04-23FoxtrotskyguitarEGBA7:33
1978-04-17 – 1978-04-23Harry blev så gladguitarEGBA5:42
1978-04-17 – 1978-04-23JuantorenaguitarEGBA6:28
1978-04-17 – 1978-04-23On don denguitarEGBA3:55
1978-04-17 – 1978-04-23SatismeguitarEGBA3:59
1978-04-17 – 1978-04-23StillebenguitarEGBA7:12
1985-01-31 – 1985-02-04BlueguitarMiles Davis6:37
1985-01-31 – 1985-02-04Electric RedguitarMiles Davis4:19
1985-01-31 – 1985-02-04GreenguitarMiles Davis4:25
1985-01-31 – 1985-02-04IndigoguitarMiles Davis6:01
1985-01-31 – 1985-02-04IntroguitarMiles Davis4:28
1985-01-31 – 1985-02-04OrangeguitarMiles Davis8:37
1985-01-31 – 1985-02-04RedguitarMiles Davis9:56
1985-01-31 – 1985-02-04VioletguitarMiles Davis9:02
1985-01-31 – 1985-02-04WhiteguitarMiles Davis6:07
1985-01-31 – 1985-02-04YellowguitarMiles Davis6:49
1987-02-22Ballad for BennyguitarDanish Radio Big Band3:13
1987-02-22Cherry JuiceguitarDanish Radio Big Band8:52
1987-02-22CrackdownguitarDanish Radio Big Band8:30
1987-02-22Say ItguitarDanish Radio Big Band5:12
1987-02-22VismandenguitarDanish Radio Big Band7:16
1987-02-24Malus Scorpio RitusguitarDanish Radio Big Band8:45
1987-02-24Mr. C.T.guitarDanish Radio Big Band3:44
1987-10-05KonglomerareguitarDanish Radio Big Band Conducted By Ole Koch Hansen15:19
1987-10-06After 'Last Train'guitarDanish Radio Big Band Conducted By Ole Koch Hansen12:28
1987-10-07Vid Profetens SkäggguitarDanish Radio Big Band Conducted By Ole Koch Hansen16:21
1987-10-08Agara GagaraguitarDanish Radio Big Band Conducted By Ole Koch Hansen9:55
1987-10-09Mårtensdalska TongångarguitarDanish Radio Big Band Conducted By Ole Koch Hansen16:54
1988-10AuraguitarIb Glindemann, Danish Radio Big Band4:41
1988-10Disc Jockey JumpguitarIb Glindemann, Danish Radio Big Band3:05
1988-10GoodbyeguitarIb Glindemann, Danish Radio Big Band3:45
1988-10I've Never Been in Love BeforeguitarIb Glindemann, Danish Radio Big Band3:16
1988-10My Old FlameguitarIb Glindemann, Danish Radio Big Band4:32
1988-10Ol' Man TiverguitarIb Glindemann, Danish Radio Big Band3:39
1988-10Ray's IdeaguitarIb Glindemann, Danish Radio Big Band2:37
1988-10Royal BlueguitarIb Glindemann, Danish Radio Big Band5:41
1988-10Would He?guitarIb Glindemann, Danish Radio Big Band2:25
1988-10YesterdaysguitarIb Glindemann, Danish Radio Big Band5:14
1988-10Young BloodguitarIb Glindemann, Danish Radio Big Band3:20
1988-10ZootguitarIb Glindemann, Danish Radio Big Band2:53
1993-10-11Songs: How Long Are Our NightsguitarMichael Mantler?:??
1993-10-11Songs: Mark, Nothing Appears / Everything Seems / The Breath Exchanged / SpeechlessguitarMichael Mantler?:??
1993-10-11Songs: Opening / So Far / For Ever / Interlude / Nothing More / Darker Than the LightguitarMichael Mantler?:??
2010-06 – 2010-08Duet EightguitarMichael Mantler2:18
2010-06 – 2010-08Duet EighteenguitarMichael Mantler1:45
2010-06 – 2010-08Duet ElevenguitarMichael Mantler2:44
2010-06 – 2010-08Duet FifteenguitarMichael Mantler1:13
2010-06 – 2010-08Duet FiveguitarMichael Mantler2:02
2010-06 – 2010-08Duet FourguitarMichael Mantler1:33
2010-06 – 2010-08Duet FourteenguitarMichael Mantler3:02
2010-06 – 2010-08Duet NineguitarMichael Mantler1:54
2010-06 – 2010-08Duet OneguitarMichael Mantler1:48
2010-06 – 2010-08Duet SevenguitarMichael Mantler2:25
2010-06 – 2010-08Duet SeventeenguitarMichael Mantler1:59
2010-06 – 2010-08Duet SixguitarMichael Mantler4:30
2010-06 – 2010-08Duet SixteenguitarMichael Mantler2:17
2010-06 – 2010-08Duet TenguitarMichael Mantler3:59
2010-06 – 2010-08Duet ThirteenguitarMichael Mantler1:19
2010-06 – 2010-08Duet ThreeguitarMichael Mantler2:05
2010-06 – 2010-08Duet TwelveguitarMichael Mantler2:45
2010-06 – 2010-08Duet TwoguitarMichael Mantler1:42
2013-08-30 – 2013-09-01Update Eleven (1967/2013)guitar and soloNouvelle Cuisine Big Band, Christoph Cech7:02
2013-08-30 – 2013-09-01Update Twelve Pt. 1 (1968-69/2013)guitar and soloNouvelle Cuisine Big Band, Christoph Cech6:50
2013-08-30 – 2013-09-01Update Twelve Pt. 2 (Preview)guitar and soloNouvelle Cuisine Big Band, Christoph Cech2:49
Bland tomtar och kontrollerguitarEGBA5:04
DialogueguitarBjarne Roupé4:05
Follow That KnallertguitarEGBA5:58
Holywood MagicguitarEGBA7:00
Interstellar StarlightguitarBjarne Roupé4:10
J.B.guitarBjarne Roupé3:50
La FirmezaguitarEGBA4:54
Lampshade TimeguitarBjarne Roupé4:45
Lampshade TimesynthesizerBjarne Roupé4:45
Månadens erbjudandeguitarEGBA3:22
Passion PlayguitarBjarne Roupé4:55
Simplicity—For FieguitarBjarne Roupé4:50
Simplicity—For FiesynthesizerBjarne Roupé4:50
SomewhereguitarBjarne Roupé6:40
Trabajo para egbaguitarEGBA6:00
Turtle DanceguitarEGBA6:48
Wet DreamguitarBjarne Roupé6:15
Passion PlayBjarne Roupé
Passion PlayBjarne Roupé
Interstellar Starlight
Lampshade Time
On don den
Passion Play
Simplicity—For Fie
Wet Dream