Joo Kraus

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member of:De-Phazz
Jazzkantine (trumpet)
Tab Two
Kraan (1987 – 1992)
collaborator on:MusikFreiZeit
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4 Miles to Ulm (Psycho-Version)
Beauty Farm Suite
Dinner for Three
Enimo Mine
Four Miles to Ulm
Kunst House
Mind Movie
The Tab Two in Toontown
4 Miles to Ulm (Psycho-Version)
Beauty Farm Suite
Four Miles to Ulm
Kunst House
Mind Movie
The Tab Two in Toontown
2002-11Back to the BasicstrumpetJoo Kraus4:52
2002-11BirdlandtrumpetJoo Kraus3:11
2002-11Fast ForwardtrumpetJoo Kraus3:39
2002-11GetawaytrumpetJoo Kraus3:48
2002-11Gib' mir die NachttrumpetJoo Kraus3:15
2002-11Hounds of WintertrumpetJoo Kraus3:36
2002-11LeavestrumpetJoo Kraus4:14
2002-11Love Is All We NeedtrumpetJoo Kraus3:22
2002-11Meanwhile Life Goes OntrumpetJoo Kraus3:42
2002-11One Moment in TimetrumpetJoo Kraus4:14
2002-11Red ClaytrumpetJoo Kraus4:41
2002-11Scarborough FairtrumpetJoo Kraus6:04
2002-11Venus as a BoytrumpetJoo Kraus4:18
2007 – 2008AfricabrassJoo Kraus & Tales in Tones Trio5:13
2007 – 2008Bridge Over Troubled Water / Sound of SilencebrassJoo Kraus & Tales in Tones Trio8:37
2007 – 2008Englishman in New YorkbrassJoo Kraus & Tales in Tones Trio2:53
2007 – 2008I’m Not in LovebrassJoo Kraus & Tales in Tones Trio6:33
2007 – 2008If You Don’t Know Me by NowbrassJoo Kraus & Tales in Tones Trio4:25
2007 – 2008Irgendwie, Irgendwo, IrgendwannbrassJoo Kraus & Tales in Tones Trio5:08
2007 – 2008Moonlight SerenadebrassJoo Kraus & Tales in Tones Trio6:40
2007 – 2008Rock Your BabybrassJoo Kraus & Tales in Tones Trio4:19
2007 – 2008SledgehammerbrassJoo Kraus & Tales in Tones Trio3:13
2007 – 2008Smooth OperatorbrassJoo Kraus & Tales in Tones Trio4:37
2012-04 – 2012-10(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Womanguest and trumpetStephanie Lottermoser5:06
2012-04 – 2012-10Here!guest and trumpetStephanie Lottermoser4:39
2012-04 – 2012-10Prince of Scotlandguest and trumpetStephanie Lottermoser5:39
Alejetflugelhorn and trumpetOmar Sosa7:27
Als ich fortgingbrassKatrin Sass3:58
Alternativo Sketchesflugelhorn and trumpetOmar Sosa9:04
Amerikaflugelhorn and trumpetBAP6:35
Angustiadoflugelhorn and trumpetOmar Sosa7:42
Angustiado Repriseflugelhorn and trumpetOmar Sosa2:44
Calling Eggūnflugelhorn and trumpetOmar Sosa6:23
Death by ChocolatetrumpetDe-Phazz4:42
Denn mer sinn widder werflugelhorn and trumpetBAP4:28
Du kanns zaubereflugelhorn and trumpetBAP4:54
El Albaflugelhorn and trumpetOmar Sosa8:49
HancockflugelhornMartin Meixner3:12
Here And NowflugelhornMartin Meixner2:55
Hollywood Boulevardflugelhorn and trumpetBAP feat. Ray Davies5:13
Home Sweet HomeflugelhornMartin Meixner3:54
HopeflugelhornMartin Meixner3:44
Interludio Iflugelhorn and trumpetOmar Sosa0:56
Interludio IIflugelhorn and trumpetOmar Sosa0:37
Interludio IIIflugelhorn and trumpetOmar Sosa0:51
Interludio IVflugelhorn and trumpetOmar Sosa0:58
Interludio Vflugelhorn and trumpetOmar Sosa1:06
Interludio VIflugelhorn and trumpetOmar Sosa0:34
It Ain’t MinetrumpetChristina Lux6:15
Liebensgefährlichguest and trumpetFrizz Feick4:13
Lovely PlaceflugelhornMartin Meixner4:09
Madre Miaflugelhorn and trumpetOmar Sosa8:47
New I. D.trumpetHattler3:45
Night FlightflugelhornMartin Meixner3:05
North WesttrumpetDe-Phazz4:47
Patient (Like the Water)guest and trumpetHattler6:03
PhoenixguitarTab Two6:24
Reichtum der WeltbrassKatrin Sass3:56
Rumba Connectionflugelhorn and trumpetOmar Sosa9:20
Sag' mir wo die Blumen sindbrassKatrin Sass5:26
Six Sick SikhstrumpetHattler5:30
So All Freddieflugelhorn and trumpetOmar Sosa8:23
Sofiaflugelhorn and trumpetEccomoreno6:52
Sunny JaytrumpetHattler4:13
SunriseflugelhornMartin Meixner4:24
The JourneyflugelhornMartin Meixner5:52
ThoughtsflugelhornMartin Meixner2:16
UnanimityflugelhornMartin Meixner2:55
Universal BreakdowntrumpetHattler3:38
Up On A HillflugelhornMartin Meixner5:11
Low Sky SketchesflugelhornBaumgartner // Kraus
Low Sky SketchestrumpetBaumgartner // Kraus
4 Miles to Ulm (Psycho-Version)Tab Two3:57
Beauty Farm SuiteTab Two5:29
Breathe Beside MeBaumgartner // Kraus feat. Sandie Wollasch4:58
Dinner for ThreeTab Two4:26
Enimo MineTab Two4:29
For Criminal Use OnlyBaumgartner // Kraus2:37
Four Miles to UlmTab Two5:31
I Sing (Trumpet version)Baumgartner // Kraus4:02
J.O.D.Baumgartner // Kraus1:49
Jump or PushedBaumgartner // Kraus feat. Helena Paul3:52
Kunst HouseTab Two3:27
Liason du JazzBaumgartner // Kraus3:59
Mind MovieTab Two6:12
NightcreeperBaumgartner // Kraus3:09
Past in the HouseBaumgartner // Kraus3:36
Right This TimeBaumgartner // Kraus feat. Sandie Wollasch4:14
RowTab Two4:06
Rub OffBaumgartner // Kraus3:16
Something Is Working (vocal version)Baumgartner // Kraus feat. Helena Paul3:35
The Beauty of SadnessBaumgartner // Kraus3:22
The Hidden Clarinet 1Baumgartner // Kraus0:17
The Hidden Clarinet 2Baumgartner // Kraus0:32
The Tab Two in ToontownTab Two4:59
ZehnBaumgartner // Kraus2:56
Back to the BasicsJoo Kraus4:52
Beauty Farm SuiteTab Two5:29
BirdlandJoo Kraus3:11
Dinner for ThreeTab Two4:26
Enimo MineTab Two4:29
Fast ForwardJoo Kraus3:39
Four Miles to UlmTab Two5:31
GetawayJoo Kraus3:48
Gib' mir die NachtJoo Kraus3:15
Hounds of WinterJoo Kraus3:36
Kunst HouseTab Two3:27
LeavesJoo Kraus4:14
Love Is All We NeedJoo Kraus3:22
Meanwhile Life Goes OnJoo Kraus3:42
Mind MovieTab Two6:12
One Moment in TimeJoo Kraus4:14
PhoenixTab Two6:24
Red ClayJoo Kraus4:41
RowTab Two4:06
Scarborough FairJoo Kraus6:04
The Tab Two in ToontownTab Two4:59
Venus as a BoyJoo Kraus4:18
Low Sky SketchesBaumgartner // Kraus
Patient (Like the Water)guestHattler6:03
Riding on a Big Wave of Loveguest and other vocalsTriband5:53
Low Sky Sketchesother vocals [voice]Baumgartner // Kraus
Public Jazz Loungespoken vocalsJoo Kraus
Belle Affaire
Get Rid
Sad News
Thief of Hearts