Julia Kent (cellist)

~ Person


member of: Antony and the Johnsons
Bela (band from New York City, USA)
Blind Cave Salamander
Rasputina (1991 – 1999)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
2 Jet Legs
Call Him Now
Eyes of Eyes
Faraway Close
Herald Street
Illusory Rendez-Vous
Out of Season
The Naked City
Une journée d'un sud sans soleil
Voiceless Laughter
2001-04-06 Hands of Ash cello Backworld 4:11
2001-04-06 Leaves of Autumn cello Backworld 3:16
2001-04-06 Little Red Stars cello Backworld 4:29
2001-04-06 Mary of the Blue Sky cello Backworld 4:11
2001-04-06 Melody cello Backworld 3:43
2001-04-06 Pleasure Park cello Backworld 3:07
2001-04-06 The Devil's Plaything cello Backworld 3:10
2001-04-06 The Sparrows cello Backworld 2:43
2001-04-06 The Tide cello Backworld 3:38
2 Jet Legs cello Parallel 41 2:14
4th of July cello James Iha 3:41
A String of Words cello James Iha 4:20
Broken cello [outro cellos] Norah Jones 3:21
Call Him Now cello Parallel 41 1:40
Dream Tonight cello James Iha 3:13
Ebb cello Julia Kent 2:52
Eyes of Eyes cello Parallel 41 1:10
Fall cello Julia Kent 4:30
Faraway Close cello Parallel 41 35:00
Flicker cello Julia Kent 3:40
For What It's Worth cello and guest Sex Mob 8:25
Herald Street cello Parallel 41 2:53
Illusory Rendez-Vous cello Parallel 41 7:37
Intent cello Julia Kent 4:21
Kingdom cello Julia Kent 4:53
Medicating Angels cello Ultra Vivid Scene 8:12
Mirror to Mirror cello Ultra Vivid Scene 4:51
My Lord My Love strings Antony and the Johnsons 3:13
Niger River cello and guest Martha Wainwright 3:52
Nina and Oscar cello Julia Kent 3:44
Old Whore's Diet cello Rufus Wainwright feat. Antony 9:09
Only Child cello Julia Kent 4:24
Out of Season cello Parallel 41 4:44
Please, Please, Please cello and guest Sex Mob 4:14
Ripple cello and guest Sex Mob 2:57
Salute cello Julia Kent 4:28
Seeräuber-Jenny cello Black Sun Productions feat. H.R. Giger 5:38
The Naked City cello Parallel 41 9:31
This Is the Way cello Ultra Vivid Scene 2:48
This Love Affair cello Rufus Wainwright 3:13
Tourbillon cello Julia Kent 3:16
Transportation cello Julia Kent 4:39
Une journée d'un sud sans soleil cello Parallel 41 7:58
Voiceless Laughter cello Parallel 41 6:22
Waiting for a Dream cello Rufus Wainwright 4:14
What Kind Of Friend Are You cello Tony Scherr 8:03
Wish I Could cello [pizzicato cello] Norah Jones 4:18
Asperities electronic instruments [electronics] Julia Kent
Asperities effects [sounds] Julia Kent
Asperities cello Julia Kent
Character electronic instruments Julia Kent
I Am a Bird Now cello Antony and the Johnsons
The Scavenger Bride cello and guest Black Tape for a Blue Girl
The Scavenger Bride cello and guest Black Tape for a Blue Girl
We Are Him cello Angels of Light
2 Jet Legs Parallel 41 2:14
Call Him Now Parallel 41 1:40
Eyes of Eyes Parallel 41 1:10
Faraway Close Parallel 41 35:00
Herald Street Parallel 41 2:53
Illusory Rendez-Vous Parallel 41 7:37
Out of Season Parallel 41 4:44
The Naked City Parallel 41 9:31
Une journée d'un sud sans soleil Parallel 41 7:58
Voiceless Laughter Parallel 41 6:22
Ebb Julia Kent 2:52
Fall Julia Kent 4:30
Flicker Julia Kent 3:40
Intent Julia Kent 4:21
Kingdom Julia Kent 4:53
Nina and Oscar Julia Kent 3:44
Only Child Julia Kent 4:24
Salute Julia Kent 4:28
Tourbillon Julia Kent 3:16
Transportation Julia Kent 4:39
Nina and Oscar
Only Child