Name ISRCs Rating Length
Baby Don't Go 4:49
Cheating 3:48
Don't Say a Word 3:45
Energy 3:53
Energy 3:31
Energy (DJ X remix) ?:??
Fantasy 7:29
Fantasy 4:28
Let's Get Together 4:07
Luv With U 4:07
Luv With U (feat. Randy Lance) 4:19
Project Four: Time and Space Underground 5:21
Project One: Electro Break Beat Countdown 8:42
Project Three: Victory "Feel It" House 6:56
Project Two: The Xquizit DJ X Remix 6:17
Sexy 3:45
Stay With Me All Night Long 4:05
Take My Love (part of a “Euromix 5” DJ‐mix) 3:55
Take My Love (Behind the Scenes) 3:00
Take My Love (Deep Journey mix) 5:23
Take My Love (Elektro Funk Countdown mix) 6:19
Take My Love (Elektro Funk edit) 3:49
Take My Love (Funky Break Beat mix) 7:25
Take My Love (KromOzone's House Project instrumental) 9:24
Take My Love (KromOzone's House Project) 9:22
Take My Love (Mainstream dance mix) 6:57
Take My Love (Mainstream instrumental) 6:57
Take My Love (Mainstream radio edit) 3:05
Take My Love (Mainstream radio edit) 3:05
Take My Love Elektro Funk Mix) 6:20
Want Your Love 4:21

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