Death by Stereo (US hardcore punk band)

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members:Keith Barney (from 1998 until 2000: guitar [lead guitar])
Tim Bender (from 1998 until 2001: membranophone)
Dan Palmer (from 1999 to present: guitar [lead guitar])
Todd Hennig (from 2001 until 2006-08: membranophone)
Tim "Tito" Owens (from 2003 until 2005-07: guitar [rhythm guitar])
Tyler Rebbe (from 2005 until 2008: bass guitar)
Chris Dalley (from 2006-08 until 2009-06: membranophone)
Jeff Clark (from 2008 until 2011: bass guitar)
James Patrick Gericke (from 2009 to present: guitar [rhythm guitar])
Mike Cambra (from 2010 to present: percussion, membranophone)
Robert Madrigal (from 2014 to present: bass guitar)
original members:Efrem Schulz (from 1996 to present: guitar [additional guitars], lead vocals)
Jarrod Alexander (from 1996 until 1998: membranophone)
Ian Fowles (from 1996 until 1998: guitar, background vocals)
Jim Miner (American guitarist) (from 1996 until 2003: guitar [rhythm guitar])
Paul Miner (from 1996 until 2005: bass guitar)
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Beyond the Blinders
Holding 60 Dollars on a Burning Bridge
Lookin’ Out For #1