Fluting on the HumpKing Missile12" Vinyl11
Shimmy DiscSHIMMY-00003
TheyKing MissileCD22
Shimmy Discshimmy-015
TheyKing Missile12" Vinyl18
Shimmy Discshimmy 015
Mystical Shit / Fluting on the HumpKing MissileCD26
Shimmy Discshimmy-029738641290329
Mystical ShitKing Missile12" Vinyl16
Shimmy DiscSHIMMY 00000000000000000000000000000029
The Way to SalvationKing MissileCD17
  • US1991-04-16
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)7 82208-2075678220821
My Heart Is a FlowerKing MissileCD7
  • -1991
Happy HourKing MissileCD18
  • US1992-12-15
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)7 82459-2075678245923
Detachable PenisKing MissileCD3
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)756785754-2075678575426
Happy 14½King MissileCD5
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)PRCD 4863-2[none]
Martin ScorseseKing Missile7" Vinyl3
Staple GunStaple-5
Martin ScorseseKing MissileCD5
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)PRCD 5171
King MissileKing MissileCD17
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)82589-2075678258923
King MissileKing MissileCD17
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)7567825892075678258923
Love Is...King MissileCD5
  • -1994
The Body Has a HeadKing MissileCD16
  • -1996
FailureKing MissileCD14
Shimmy DiscSHM-5090035828509022
The Green AlbumKing Missile III, John S. HallCD30
Cargo Records (Cargo Imports and Distribution - Canadian independent record label and distributor that Cargo Records (UK label) was originally a division of.)[none]
Live in RochesterKing MissileCD14
  • -1999
The Psychopathology of Everyday LifeKing MissileCD18
  • US2003-01-21
Instinct RecordsINS614-2720841061427
America Kicks AssKing MissileCD8
  • US2004-09-02
Royal LunchKing MissileCD16
  • US2004-09-21
Important Records (US indie/avant-garde label)imprec034793447503424
Mystical Shit / Fluting on the HumpKing MissileCD26
Instinct RecordsINS625-2720841062523
Rhino Hi‐Five: King MissileKing MissileDigital Media5
  • XW2007-06-26
Rhino Atlantic (digital releases only!)603497990795
Happy Hour (explicit)King MissileDigital Media18
  • US2008-11-25
Rhino Atlantic (digital releases only!)
The Psychopathology of Everyday LifeKing MissileDigital Media18
  • DE2014-01-29
Instinct Records
Mystical Shit / Fluting on the HumpKing MissileDigital Media26
  • DE2014-02-03
Instinct Records
FailureKing Missile(unknown)3
TheyKing Missile(unknown)3
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