Usa (OverClocked ReMixer)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Desert Nights (Desert Flower) Usa 3:17
Facing the Storm (Reincarnation) Usa & siebensus4 3:30
Firefly (Shining Hotarunicus in Palace Ground [X]) Sir_NutS feat. Usa 4:12
Frozen Heart (Biting Cold) Sir Nuts & Usa 4:48
Gate's Secret Dream Lab (Shield Sheldon in Gate's Laboratory [X6]) Usa 3:05
In the Beginning There Was SQUARE (Not Awaken) Usa 0:17
Joys of Youth (Oh, I'm a Flamelet) Brandon Strader & Usa 3:52
Kirby Super Star 'Victory Festival' OC ReMix Geoffrey Taucer & Usa 2:16
Let It Beat (Dixie Beat) Brandon Strader feat. Usa 3:38
Mega Man X2 "Laser Power" OC ReMix Usa feat. Sir_NutS 3:03
Requiem for a Reploid (Shield Sheldon in Sigma Palace [X8]) Usa 4:45
Seiken Densetsu 3 "Gate Total Peril" OC ReMix Usa, Jackson Lawhead & TheDeath 4:46
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle 'Dashing Harmony' VGMix Usa 1:21
Space Base (Shining Hotarunicus in Final Weapon [X4]) Sir_NutS feat. Usa 4:00
Super Mario 64 'Aquatic Harmony' VGMix Usa 4:27
Tales of Symphonia 'The Fall of Iselia' OC ReMix Usa & TheDeath 4:31

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