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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Act One: The Queen of Fiji Crywolf 2:24
Act Three: Looming Crywolf 4:44
Act Two: A Shattering in F# Minor Crywolf 1:02
Akureyri Crywolf 4:56
Anachronism Crywolf 5:36
Angels Crywolf 3:50
Angels (Acoustic Version feat. Emalyn) Crywolf 4:46
Angels (Acoustic Version) Crywolf feat. Emalyn 4:46
Bury Now Crywolf feat. Lis 6:30
Dirge (Everything Is Over Now) Crywolf 2:04
Epilogue (Ossuary) Crywolf 4:20
Epithelial Crywolf with Echos 3:46
Eyes Half Closed Crywolf 6:45
Eyes Half Closed (Acoustic Version) Crywolf 4:01
Eyes Half Closed (Acoustic Version) Crywolf 4:02
Ghosts Crywolf 4:13
Halloween, 1987 Crywolf 4:21
Heart Attack Archie feat. Crywolf 6:08
Interlude; 9/23/87 4:34 am - Falling Crywolf 1:09
Interlude; a Ghost in the Wings Crywolf 0:50
Intro Crywolf feat. Emalyn 2:15
Neverland (feat. Charity Lane) Crywolf 6:01
Part of Me Le Castle Vania feat. Crywolf & Alyssa Palmer 6:33
Ribcage (Acoustic Version) Crywolf 4:23
Ribcage (Acoustic Version) Crywolf 4:24
Rising, Rising Crywolf 6:15
Rising, Rising (Bassnectar remix) Crywolf 5:12
Runaway (Acoustic Version) Crywolf 5:43
Runaway (Acoustic Version) Crywolf 5:44
Shrike Crywolf 3:28
Shrike (Niko the Kid VIP Edit) Crywolf 4:31
Silence, Pt. II Crywolf & Aylen 5:35
Sillage (outro) Crywolf 1:35
Slaves Crywolf 3:44
Slow Burn Crywolf 3:18
Stomach It Crywolf 5:46
Stomach It (Acoustic Version) Crywolf 5:34
Swimming in the Flood Crywolf 4:16
The Home We Made Part II Crywolf 5:21
The Home We Made Part II (bonus version) Crywolf feat. Dylan Owens 6:05
The Hunger in Your Haunt Crywolf 3:56
The Moon Is Falling Down Crywolf 5:53
Wake (E-Bow) Crywolf 4:06
Walls Crywolf 4:48
We Never Asked for This Crywolf 3:50
Weight Crywolf 4:05
Whisper Crywolf feat. Emalyn 4:02
Whisper (Acapella Version feat. Emalyn) Crywolf 3:16
Whisper (Acapella Version) [feat. emalyn & Trevor Kaiwa] Crywolf feat. Emalyn & Trevor Kaiwa 3:17

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