Donald Tardy

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member of:Tardy Brothers
Obituary (US death metal band) (from 1988 to present)
supporting drums (drum set) for:Andrew W.K. (ended)
siblings:John Tardy
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Boiling Pointdrums (drum set)Obituary3:10
Burned Indrums (drum set)Obituary3:32
Don't Caredrums (drum set)Obituary3:09
Don’t Stop Living in the Reddrums (drum set)Andrew W.K.1:41
Final Thoughtsdrums (drum set)Obituary4:09
Fun Nightdrums (drum set)Andrew W.K.3:23
Girls Own Lovedrums (drum set)Andrew W.K.3:13
Got to Do Itdrums (drum set)Andrew W.K.3:55
I Get Wetdrums (drum set)Andrew W.K.3:23
I Love NYCdrums (drum set)Andrew W.K.3:11
It’s Time to Partydrums (drum set)Andrew W.K.1:30
Kill for Medrums (drum set)Obituary6:02
Lostdrums (drum set)Obituary4:00
Paralyzingdrums (drum set)Obituary4:57
Party Harddrums (drum set)Andrew W.K.3:05
Party Til You Pukedrums (drum set)Andrew W.K.2:34
Ready to Diedrums (drum set)Andrew W.K.2:55
Redefinedrums (drum set)Obituary4:40
Set in Stonedrums (drum set)Obituary4:53
She Is Beautifuldrums (drum set)Andrew W.K.3:34
Solid Statedrums (drum set)Obituary4:39
Splattereddrums (drum set)Obituary4:15
Take It Offdrums (drum set)Andrew W.K.3:10
World Demisedrums (drum set)Obituary3:44
Darkest DaymembranophoneObituary
Darkest DaymembranophoneObituary
Slowly We RotObituary
Sex. Violence. Death.Lowbrow
Sex. Violence. Death.Lowbrow
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