Chris C

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Can U Feel the Bass? (Andy Farley remix) Chris C 7:32
Fire on the Moon (Yoji Biomehanika mix) Chris C 6:47
Forward to the Past (Kevin Energy remix) Kevin Energy & Chris C 6:04
Forward to the Past (Kevin Energy's Freeform edit) Kevin Energy & Chris C 2:42
Free Fall (Beatniqz remix) Chris C 5:24
Freefall Chris C 6:07
Freefall Chris C ?:??
Freefall (part of a “Hard House Euphoria” DJ‐mix) Chris C 3:47
Freefall (Andy Farhley Remix) Chris C 4:14
Freefall (Andy Farley vs. Dynamic Intervention remix) Chris C 3:22
Freefall (Beatniqz mix) Chris C 6:09
Freefall (Beatniqz remix) Chris C 4:45
Freefall (Beatniqz remix) Chris C 5:22
Freefall (Beatniqz remix) Chris C 7:01
Freefall (Ben Stevens & Adam M remix) Chris C 7:49
Freefall (Stimulant DJ's remix) Chris C 6:02
Freefall (Technikal Remix - Edit) Chris C 2:31
Freefall (Technikal remix) Chris C 6:47
Get on the Floor (Dynamic Intervention remix) Chris C 7:02
Get on the Floor (Dynamic Intervention remix) (part of “HardHouse Anthems 3” DJ-mix) Chris C 5:43
Keep Jumpin' (You Bastards) (Part of "Hard Dance Anthems Past Present Future" DJ-mix) Chris C & Madame Zu Meets Ben Kaye 6:03
Masquerade (Mohawk) Chris C ?:??
Movemantic (Chris C 2000 remix) Chris C 4:36
Movematic Chris C 5:17
Movematic (Chris C remix) (part of a “Trade - Past Present Future” DJ‐mix) Chris C 4:28
Movematic (Mohawk) Chris C ?:??
Shine a light Chris C 3:21
Trade Boy Chris C 6:43
V8 Chris C vs. Dynamic Intervention 5:33
Whitewolf (part of a “005 Tokyo: Global Underground” DJ‐mix) Chris C 4:13

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