Destroyer (Canadian indie rock band)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
The Sublimation Hour 4:12
The Terror Serve a Purpose 2:42
The Very Modern Dance 3:14
The Very Modern Dance 2:42
The Way of Perpetual Roads 3:52
Thief 2:25
This Night FR59Y0200012 5:58
Times Square 4:11
Times Square (live, 2015-11-21: Utrecht, Netherlands) 4:24
Times Square, Poison Season I 2:33
Times Square, Poison Season II 3:02
Tinseltown Swimming in Blood 4:46
Tinseltown Swimming in Blood 4:47
To the Heart of the Sun on the Back of the Vulture, I'll Go 3:52
Trembling Peacock FR59Y0200020 4:16
Virgin With a Memory 2:40
War on Jazz 1:54
War on Jazz 3:00
Watercolours Into the Ocean 4:46
What Road 3:58
Whistlin' Dixie 3:09
Whistlin' Dixie (She Shoots) 3:08
Whodiniwhodiniwhodini 0:37
Why Banacek Doesn't Love 5:24
You Were So Cruel 3:34
Your Blood 4:16
Your Blood 4:16
Your Blues 2:58
Your Blues 3:33

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