Destroyer (Canadian indie rock band)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
M.E.R.C.I. Destroyer 1:58
Mad Foxes Destroyer 4:46
Madame Butterflies Destroyer ?:??
Makin' Angels Destroyer FR59Y0200016 4:14
Maria de las Nieves Destroyer 4:49
Marrying the Hammer Destroyer 1:40
Melanie and Jennifer and Melanie Destroyer 3:59
Mending Song Destroyer 1:08
Merci Loscil vs. Destroyer ?:??
Mercy (We Had the Right) Destroyer 5:28
Midnight Meet the Rain Destroyer 3:25
Modern Painters Destroyer FR59Y0200018 3:00
My Favorite Year Destroyer USMRG0831905 6:07
My Mystery Destroyer 5:18
My Mystery (DJ Remix) Destroyer 5:13
New Ways of Living Destroyer 4:24
New Ways of Living Destroyer 3:22
No Cease Fires! (Crimes Against the State of Our Love, Baby) Destroyer 3:31
No One Needs to Know Destroyer 3:16
No One Needs to Know Destroyer 3:16
Nothing Against You (Bored Spectre) Destroyer 3:46
Notorious Lightning Destroyer 5:57
Notorious Lightning Destroyer 9:51
Painter in Your Pocket Destroyer 4:10
Painter in Your Pocket Destroyer 4:10
Plaza Trinidad Destroyer USMRG0831910 3:33
Poor in Love Destroyer 3:26
Priest’s Knees Destroyer 3:09
Queen of Languages Destroyer 3:31
Ravers Destroyer 7:50
Ready to Kill Destroyer 3:18
Rereading the Marble Faun Destroyer 3:16
Revolution Destroyer 1:16
Riota Destroyer 1:34
Rivers Destroyer USMRG0831908 5:14
Rome Destroyer 5:01
Rose Felched This Destroyer 3:29
Rose Fleched This Destroyer 3:28
Rubies Destroyer 9:25
Rubies Destroyer 5:50
Sad Kennedy.Blue Destroyer Destroyer 2:44
Saddestroyer Destroyer 3:15
Saddestroyer Destroyer 3:13
Savage Night at the Opera Destroyer 4:24
Savage Night at the Opera Destroyer 4:48
Saw You at the Hospital Destroyer 3:30
Saw You at the Hospital Destroyer 3:30
School, and the Girls Who Go There Destroyer 2:52
Self Portrait With Thing (Tonight Is Not Your Night) Destroyer FR59Y0200024 6:26
Senses Destroyer 4:36
Shooting Rockets (From the Desk of Night's Ape) Destroyer USMRG0831906 8:00
Sick Priest Learns to Last Forever Destroyer 5:54
Signs Destroyer 0:48
Sky's Grey Destroyer 4:06
Sky’s Grey Destroyer 4:05
Smith Destroyer 1:12
Solace's Bride Destroyer 3:44
Sometimes in the World Destroyer 2:34
Son of the Earth Destroyer 2:13
Song About a Girl Up to a Point Destroyer 1:31
Song About Disappointment Destroyer 2:01
Song About Fucking Destroyer 0:25
Song for Acuarela Destroyer 3:45
Song for America Destroyer 4:29
Song for America Destroyer 5:33
Spring Cleaning Destroyer 2:23
State of the Union Destroyer 1:17
Stay Lost Destroyer 2:21
Stay Lost (acoustic) Destroyer 1:57
Streethawk I Destroyer 2:26
Streethawk II Destroyer 2:29
Streethawk II Destroyer 2:44
Streets of Fire Destroyer 1:50
Strike Destroyer 2:59
Students Carve Hearts Out (acoustic version) Destroyer 3:01
Students Carve Hearts Out of Coal Destroyer FR59Y0200022 3:46
Stuffed and Sick Destroyer 1:29
Sublimation Hour Destroyer 4:10
Suicide Demo for Kara Walker Destroyer 8:26
Suicide Demo for Kara Walker Destroyer 8:26
Suicide Demo for Kara Walker (demo) Destroyer 6:05
Sun in the Sky Destroyer 5:34
Te Recuerdo Amanda Destroyer 2:51
The Bad Arts Destroyer 7:02
The Chosen Few Destroyer FR59Y0200015 3:59
The Crossover Destroyer 5:03
The Crossover Song Destroyer 5:39
The Fox and the Hound Destroyer 3:24
The Laziest River Destroyer 19:57
The Leg We Stand On Destroyer 2:33
The Music Lovers Destroyer 4:22
The Music Lovers Destroyer 4:41
The Music Lovers Destroyer 4:11
The Night Moves Destroyer FR59Y0200026 3:49
The Pornographers Destroyer 0:57
The Relevant Ballads Destroyer FR59Y0200025 0:37
The River Destroyer 3:36
The Space Race Destroyer 3 2:22
The Spirit of Giving Destroyer 2:27
The State Destroyer USMRG0831903 3:58

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