Rudi Arapahoe

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
Conversation Piece GBUWH0800008 4:41
Conversation Piece 4:42
Dionysian Birds GBUWH0800004 2:54
Double Bind 4:47
Double Bind 4:44
Echoes From One to Another GBUWH0800006 5:48
Endgames 4:26
Every Time I Sleep GBUWH0800005 1:15
Forest of Arches GBUWH0800003 5:39
Gregory's Game 3:17
I Close My Eyes and Float to the Ceiling GBUWH0800001 2:11
In Praise of Mirrors 2:52
Last Words Unspoken GBUWH0800011 2:19
Lunar Semaphore GBUWH0800007 5:11
Lunar Semaphore & Pleroma 7:48
My Shadow (Vanishes) GBUWH0800012 9:32
Pleroma GBUWH0800010 4:04
The Book of Knots 3:25
To Gather Flowers GBUWH0800002 4:57
Vulture Phantasy GBUWH0800009 1:31

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