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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
High on You Frankmusik feat. Lindsay Lowend 3:36
How Do We Know? Frankmusik feat. Cara Salimando 3:13
Hurt You Again Frankmusik 3:45
Hymn (acoustic) Frankmusik 3:35
I Remember Frankmusik 3:18
Ice Box Frankmusik 3:11
In Step Frankmusik GBUM70805140 3:41
In Step (acoustic version) Frankmusik 3:39
In Step (part of DJ-mix "Re-Complete Me") Frankmusik 3:48
June 17th Frankmusik 4:23
Just Fine Frankmusik ?:??
Know My Name Frankmusik 4:04
Lexus Frankmusik 3:54
Life (Is My Revenge) Frankmusik 3:32
Life (Is My Revenge) (acoustic) Frankmusik 3:23
Love Again Frankmusik 3:38
Ludicrous Frankmusik 4:02
Made Her Smile Frankmusik 3:24
Majestic Frankmusik 4:05
Map Frankmusik 3:52
Map Frankmusik 3:56
Map (acoustic) Frankmusik 4:25
Misdemeanor Frankmusik 4:20
Missing You Frankmusik ?:??
Mistress Frankmusik 4:46
Never Left Frankmusik 3:36
No Champagne Frankmusik feat. Natalia Kills 3:15
No I.D. Frankmusik feat. Colette Carr 3:12
No I.D. (It's the DJ Kue mix!) Frankmusik 5:22
No I.D. (Rich Morel mix) Frankmusik 7:43
No I.D. (X-Cell remix) Frankmusik 5:26
Olivia Frankmusik 3:32
Overdrive Frankmusik 3:27
Pins and Needles Frankmusik 3:50
Pins and Needles (acoustic) Frankmusik 3:44
Re-Complete Me Frankmusik 37:42
Run Away From Trouble Frankmusik 4:20
Run Away From Trouble (acoustic version) Frankmusik 3:46
Run Away From Trouble (part of DJ-mix "Re-Complete Me") Frankmusik 4:10
Run Away From Trouble / Olivia Frankmusik GBUM70905052 7:53
Running Frankmusik 3:43
Say Goodbye Frankmusik 3:59
Secret Weapon Frankmusik feat. Stephanie Clothing 4:09
Shanghai Frankmusik 3:36
Show Frankmusik 3:40
Sometimes Frankmusik 3:56
Stabilizher Frankmusik 4:06
Stronger Frankmusik 3:20
Struck by Lightning Frankmusik 3:26
Taking Your Time Frankmusik 3:58
Teacups Frankmusik 3:57
Thank You Frankmusik 3:25
Thank You Frankmusik 3:29
Thank You (acoustic) Frankmusik 3:33
The Fear Inside Frankmusik 3:24
The Fear Inside Frankmusik 3:23
The Fear Inside (Cherry Cherry Boom Boom remix) Frankmusik 6:41
The Fear Inside (Digiraatii's Kissy Should Play This on Radio 1 remix) Frankmusik 5:02
The Fear Inside (Glam as You Club Mix Guena LG) Frankmusik 7:12
The Fear Inside (James Whitehall vs. Fear Inside Airasia mix) Frankmusik 3:26
The Line Frankmusik 5:05
These Streets Frankmusik 4:44
This Frankmusik 3:46
Three Little Words (The Black Ghosts mix) Frankmusik 3:19
Time Will Tell Frankmusik GBUM70818547 3:08
Time Will Tell (acoustic version) Frankmusik 3:12
Time Will Tell (part of DJ-mix "Re-Complete Me") Frankmusik 3:23
Turnin' Frankmusik 4:03
Uh Oh Frankmusik 3:34
Vacant Heart Frankmusik GBUM70904958 3:31
Vacant Heart (acoustic version) Frankmusik 3:05
Vacation Frankmusik 3:36
Wake Up Acid Girls feat. Frankmusik 3:38
We Collide Frankmusik 3:15
We End Frankmusik 1:35
We Only Do It in the AM (Kids at the Bar & Kroylub remix) Frankmusik 4:46
When You're Around Frankmusik GBUM70904956 2:52
White Table Frankmusik 1:20
Without You Frankmusik 3:41
Wonder Woman Frankmusik GBUM70818937 2:58
Wonder Woman (acoustic version) Frankmusik 2:50
Wonder Woman (part of DJ-mix "Re-Complete Me") Frankmusik 3:27
Wrecking Ball Frankmusik 3:23
Wyg Frankmusik 3:44
Your Boy Frankmusik GBUM70818938 2:42
Your Boy (acoustic version) Frankmusik 2:42
Your Boy (part of DJ-mix "Re-Complete Me") Frankmusik 2:34
Your Face Frankmusik ?:??

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