Billy Murray (early 20th century popular American singer)

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Album + Compilation

2007Radio & Recording Rarities, Volume 21Billy Murray1


1902In the Good Old Summer TimeBilly Murray1
1902Taking a Trip Up the HudsonBilly Murray1
1903I'm Thinkin' Of You All the WhileBilly Murray & Frank P. Banta1
1903I Could Never Love Like ThatBilly Murray & Frank P. Banta1
1903Won't You Kindly Hum Old "Home Sweet Home" to Me?Billy Murray & Frank P. Banta1
1903Under a PanamaBilly Murray & Frank P. Banta1
1903BedeliaBilly Murray1
1903Up in a Cocoanut TreeBilly Murray & Frank P. Banta1
1904Mary EllenBilly Murray1
1904Under the Anheuser BushBilly Murray & Edison Symphony Orchestra1
1904Dear, Sing, SingBilly Murray1
1904That Is a Habit I Never HadBilly Murray1
1904Meet Me in St. Louis, LouisBilly Murray2
1904HannahBilly Murray1
1904Old Mother GooseBilly Murray1
1904Save It for MeBilly Murray1
1904Teasing (I Was Only Teasing You)Billy Murray1
1905Come, Take a Trip in My AirshipBilly Murray1
1905Mr. Wilson, That's AllBilly Murray1
1905Yankee Doodle BoyBilly Murray2
1905Dan, Dan, Dan-U-ElBilly Murray & Bob Roberts1
1905Can't You See My Heart Beats All for You?Billy Murray & Bob Roberts1
1905Farewell, Mister Abner HemmingwayBilly Murray & Bob Roberts1
1905If Mister Boston Lawson Has His WayBilly Murray1
1905I've Got a Little Money, and I've Saved It All for YouBilly Murray & Bob Roberts1
1905When Father Laid the Carpet on the StairsBilly Murray1
1905Give My Regards to BroadwayBilly Murray2
1905Paddy's DayBilly Murray1
1905Me an' De Minstrel Ban'Billy Murray1
1905My Irish Molly 0Billy Murray1
1905Hiram Green, Good-ByeBilly Murray1
1905In TimbuctooBilly Murray1
1905SympathyBilly Murray1
1906Forty-Five Minutes From BroadwayBilly Murray1
1906You're a Grand Old FlagBilly Murray2
1906If Washington Should Come to LifeBilly Murray1
1906I'm Up in the Air About MaryBilly Murray1
1906Waltz Me Around Again, WillieBilly Murray1
1906Come Take a Skate With MeBilly Murray1
1906Are You Coming Out To-Night, Mary Ann?Billy Murray1
1906My Mariuccia Take-A SteamboatBilly Murray1
1907When "Tommy Atkins" Marries "Dolly Gray"Billy Murray1
1907A Lemon in the Garden of LoveBilly Murray1
1907In WashingtonBilly Murray1
1907Because I'm Married NowBilly Murray1
1907He Goes to Church on SundayBilly Murray1
1907HarriganBilly Murray1
1907I'd Rather Two-Step Than Waltz, BillBilly Murray1
1907In the Land of the BuffaloBilly Murray1
1907Will You Be My Teddy-Bear?Ada Jones & Billy Murray1
1907Kiss, Kiss, KissAda Jones & Billy Murray1
1907Who? Me?Billy Murray1
1907Make a Lot of NoiseBilly Murray1
1908Dixie DanBilly Murray1
1908Somebody's Been Around Here Since I've Been GoneBilly Murray1
1908I'm Afraid to Come Home in the DarkBilly Murray1
1908Or TwoAda Jones & Billy Murray1
1908The Under Any Old Flag at AllBilly Murray1
1908One! Two! Three! All OverBilly Murray1
1908Big Chief SmokeBilly Murray1
1908I Was a Hero, TooBilly Murray1
1908When We Are M-A-Double-R-I-E-DAda Jones & Billy Murray1
1908The A.B.C.'s of the U.S.A.Ada Jones & Billy Murray1
1908Yankee Doodle's Come to TownBilly Murray1
1908Cuddle Up a Little Closer, Lovey MineAda Jones & Billy Murray2
1908I've Taken Quite a Fancy to YouAda Jones & Billy Murray1
1908The Pride of the PrairieBilly Murray1
1908I'm Glad I'm MarriedBilly Murray1
1908My Rosy RamblerBilly Murray1
1908Oh You CoonAda Jones & Billy Murray1
1908When You Steal A Kiss Or TwoAda Jones & Billy Murray1
1909Good Evening, CarolineBilly Murray1
1909RainbowAda Jones & Billy Murray1
1909I Can't Say You're the Only OneAda Jones & Billy Murray1
1909No One Knows / Arab Love SongHarvey Hindermeyer / Billy Murray1
1909SullivanBilly Murray1
1909Oh You Kid!Ada Jones & Billy Murray1
1909I'm Looking for a Sweetheart, and I Think You'll DoAda Jones & Billy Murray1
1909JennieBilly Murray1
1909I Used to Be Afraid to Go Home in the DarkBilly Murray1
1909Shine On, Harvest MoonAda Jones & Billy Murray1
1909Isn't Love a Grand Old Thing?Ada Jones & Billy Murray1
1909Trans-Mag-Ni-Fi-Can-Ban-Dam-U-Al-I-TyBilly Murray1
1909Blue FeatherAda Jones & Billy Murray1
1909It Happens in Many FamiliesBilly Murray1
1909Can't You See I Love You?Ada Jones & Billy Murray1
1909Wise Old IndianBilly Murray1
1909I'm Awfully Glad I Met YouAda Jones & Billy Murray1
1909Take Me Up With You, DearieBilly Murray1
1909Foolish QuestionsBilly Murray1
1909I've Got Rings on My FingersBilly Murray1
1910Funny Nursery RhymesBilly Murray1
1910It's Moonlight All the Time on BroadwayBilly Murray1
1910Telling LiesAda Jones & Billy Murray1
1910What Makes the World Go 'round?Ada Jones & Billy Murray1
1910Oh How That German Could Love! / My Little Dutch ColleenIrving Berlin / Billy Murray1
1910The Belle of the Barber's BallAda Jones & Billy Murray1
1910He's a College BoyBilly Murray1
1910Just a Little Ring From YouAda Jones & Billy Murray1

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