Keith Morris (American singer/songwriter)

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member of: Midget Handjob
OFF! (US hardcore punk band) (lead vocals)
original member of: Black Flag (1976 – 1979)
Circle Jerks (1979 –)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Back Against the Wall
Children of the Secret State
Compared to What (OFF! version)
Red Tape
Red Tape
Shining Through the Door additional
Sha-La-La (Howling at the Moon) Buglamp feat. Keith Morris 3:51
The Definitive Collection Chuck Berry
2010-01-17 Black Thoughts OFF! 1:08
2010-01-17 Darkness OFF! 0:51
2010-01-17 I Don’t Belong OFF! 1:02
2010-01-17 Jeffrey Lee Pierce OFF! 1:22
2010-01-17 Killing Away OFF! 0:48
2010-01-17 Now I’m Pissed OFF! 1:02
2010-01-17 Poison City OFF! 1:35
2010-01-17 Upside Down OFF! 1:19
2010-08-25 Blast OFF! 1:11
2010-08-25 Broken OFF! 0:50
2010-08-25 Crawl OFF! 1:16
2010-08-25 Fuck People OFF! 1:13
2010-08-25 Full of Shit OFF! 0:35
2010-08-25 Panic Attack OFF! 1:02
2010-08-25 Peace in Hermosa OFF! 1:32
2010-08-25 Rat Trap OFF! 1:02
2011-06-25 Black Thoughts OFF! ?:??
2011-06-25 Blast OFF! ?:??
2011-06-25 Broken OFF! ?:??
2011-06-25 Crawl OFF! ?:??
2011-06-25 Darkness OFF! ?:??
2011-06-25 Fuck People OFF! ?:??
2011-06-25 Full of Shit OFF! ?:??
2011-06-25 I Don’t Belong OFF! ?:??
2011-06-25 Intro OFF! ?:??
2011-06-25 Jeffrey Lee Pierce OFF! ?:??
2011-06-25 Killing Away OFF! ?:??
2011-06-25 Now I’m Pissed OFF! ?:??
2011-06-25 Panic Attack OFF! ?:??
2011-06-25 Poison City OFF! ?:??
2011-06-25 Rant 1 OFF! ?:??
2011-06-25 Rant 2 OFF! ?:??
2011-06-25 Rant 3 OFF! ?:??
2011-06-25 Rat Trap OFF! ?:??
2011-06-25 Sexy Capitalists OFF! ?:??
2011-06-25 Upside Down OFF! ?:??
2012-02-16 – 2012-02-18 I Got News for You OFF! 0:41
2012-02-16 – 2012-02-18 I Need One (I Want One) OFF! 1:05
2012-02-16 – 2012-02-18 Wiped Out OFF! 1:13
2014-10-09 Black Thoughts OFF! 1:00
2014-10-09 Darkness OFF! 0:47
2014-10-09 Hypnotized OFF! 2:21
2014-10-09 King Kong Brigade OFF! 1:26
2014-10-09 Legion of Evil OFF! 1:29
2014-10-09 Meet Your God OFF! 1:39
2014-10-09 Over Our Heads OFF! 1:55
2014-10-09 Poison City OFF! 2:04
2014-10-09 Red White and Black OFF! 1:48
2014-10-09 Void You Out OFF! 1:18
22 lead vocals Circle Jerks 2:43
86'd (Good as Gone) Circle Jerks 1:54
503 OFF! 0:45
All I Can Grab OFF! 1:14
Anxious Boy lead vocals Circle Jerks 2:06
Back Against the Wall Circle Jerks 1:35
Behind the Door Circle Jerks 1:26
Beverly Hills Circle Jerks 1:05
Borrow and Bomb OFF! 0:46
Brick lead vocals Circle Jerks 2:14
Bultaco Fu Manchu 3:12
Career Day lead vocals Circle Jerks 2:23
Children of the Secret State Throw Rag 3:44
Clocked In Black Flag 1:31
Compared to What lead vocals OFF! 1:23
Cracked OFF! 0:52
Death Trip on the Party Train OFF! 1:13
Defamation Innuendo Circle Jerks 2:21
Deny Everything Circle Jerks 0:25
Depression Black Flag 2:10
Dog lead vocals Circle Jerks 2:53
Don’t Care Circle Jerks 0:36
Elimination OFF! 0:44
Exhaust Breath lead vocals Circle Jerks 3:00
Exorcised OFF! 1:25
Fable lead vocals Circle Jerks 3:38
Feelings Are Meant to Be Hurt OFF! 1:05
Fix Me Black Flag 0:57
Forced Labor Circle Jerks 1:17
Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Black Flag 2:00
Grey Life lead vocals Circle Jerks 2:49
Group Sex Circle Jerks 1:04
Harbor Freeway Blues OFF! 1:14
Hypnotized OFF! 2:14
I Don’t Care Black Flag 0:59
I Just Want Some Skank Circle Jerks 1:10
I Wanna Destroy You lead vocals Circle Jerks 3:06
I Won’t Be a Casualty OFF! 1:16
I’ve Had It Black Flag 1:25
It Didn’t Matter to Me OFF! 1:28
Jet Black Girls OFF! 1:24
Just Like Me Circle Jerks 1:47
King Kong Brigade OFF! 1:36
Leave Me Alone Circle Jerks 1:19
Legion of Evil OFF! 1:20
Letter Bomb Circle Jerks 1:14
Live Fast Die Young Circle Jerks 1:33
Man From Nowhere OFF! 1:00
Meet the Press Circle Jerks 1:19
Meet Your God OFF! 1:40
Moral Majority Circle Jerks 0:55
Mr. Useless OFF! 1:07
Murder the Disturbed Circle Jerks 2:02
Nervous Breakdown lead vocals Rollins Band feat. Keith Morris 1:57
Nervous Breakdown Black Flag 2:07
No Easy Escape OFF! 1:05
No Values Black Flag 2:00
Operation Circle Jerks 1:30
Operation Rescue background vocals Bad Religion 2:09
Over Our Heads OFF! 1:43
Paid Vacation Circle Jerks 1:29
Police Story Black Flag 1:32
Political Stu Circle Jerks 1:37
Put a Little Love in Your Heart Circle Jerks 2:12
Question Authority Circle Jerks 2:01
Red Tape Circle Jerks 0:56
Red White and Black OFF! 1:37
Revenge Black Flag 1:05
Rotten Apple lead vocals OFF! 1:35
Shining Through the Door lead vocals Circle Jerks 3:02
Sinking Ship lead vocals Circle Jerks 3:46
Stars and Stripes Circle Jerks 1:39
Teenage Electric lead vocals Circle Jerks 2:44
Time’s Not on Your Side OFF! 1:37
Toxic Box OFF! 0:56
Trapped Circle Jerks 1:40
Turpentine Wine OFF! 1:11
Vaporized OFF! 0:48
Void You Out OFF! 1:10
Wasted Black Flag 0:51
Wasted Black Flag 0:45
Wasted Circle Jerks 0:43
Wasted Years OFF! 1:17
What’s Your Problem Circle Jerks 0:57
White Minority Black Flag 1:12
Wild in the Streets Circle Jerks 2:34
World Up My Ass Circle Jerks 1:17
Wrong OFF! 0:49
You Must Be Damned OFF! 1:49
Zero for Conduct OFF! 0:46
All I Can Grab
Anxious Boy
Bad Words
Beverly Hills
Black Thoughts
Borrow and Bomb
Career Day
Coup d’Etat
Death Trip on the Party Train
Defammation Innuendo
Deny Everything (Circle Jerks)
Don't Care
Exhaust Breath
Feelings Are Meant to Be Hurt
Fuck People
Full of Shit
Grey Life
Harbor Freeway Blues
I Don't Care (Black Flag)
I Don’t Belong
I Got News for You
I Need One (I Want One)
I Won’t Be a Casualty
In Your Eyes (circle jerks song)
It Didn’t Matter to Me
Jeffrey Lee Pierce
Jet Black Girls
Junk Mail
Killing Away
King Kong Brigade
Leave Me Alone
Legion of Evil
Letter Bomb
Live Fast Die Young
Man From Nowhere
Meet Your God
Mr. Useless
No Easy Escape
Now I’m Pissed
Over Our Heads
Panic Attack
Peace in Hermosa
Poison City
Product of My Environment
Rat Trap
Red Blanket Room
Red White and Black
Sinking Ship
Stars and Stripes
Teenage Electric
Time’s Not on Your Side
Toxic Box
Under the Gun
Upside Down
Void You Out
Wasted Years
What's Your Problem
When the Shit Hits the Fan
Wiped Out
World Up My Ass
You Must Be Damned
Zero for Conduct