Captain Funk

~ Person


Roller Coaster 1st E.P.Captain Funk12" Vinyl2
Reel MusiqRLEP012
Tatsuya Oe Presents An Encounter With Captain FunkCaptain FunkCD11
  • JP1998-04-22
Music MineMKCS-1008
Bustin' Loose EPCaptain FunkCD4
  • JP1998-12-16
Sublime Records (Japanese techno)MKCS-10154935228988266
O.Y.M. (Remixes)Captain Funk12" Vinyl4
Reel MusiqRLEP-014
O.Y.M. (Remixes)Captain FunkCD5
Sublime Records (Japanese techno)SBLCD-1000
Dancing In The Street EPCaptain Funk12" Vinyl3
  • JP1999-12-16
Home Sweet Home EPCaptain Funk12" Vinyl3
  • JP1999-12-16
Dancing In The StreetCaptain FunkCD7
  • JP1999-12-16
Sublime Records (Japanese techno)MKCS-1024
Who Got Your Mojo Workin’? EPCaptain FunkCD3
  • JP2000-08-23
Sublime Records (Japanese techno)SBLTCD01
Songs of the SirenCaptain FunkCD18
  • JP2000-11-29
Sublime Records (Japanese techno)IDCS-10014935228989416
マシュマロハネムーン岡村靖幸 feat. Captain FunkCD3
  • JP2001-03-28
Epic Records (J-Pop label, established 1978; use ONLY for releases by Japanese domestic artists after 2001!)ESCB-22234988010222321
Losin' My WayCaptain FunkCD6
  • JP2001-04-25
Sublime Records (Japanese techno)IDCS-1005
Heavy MellowCaptain FunkCD12
  • JP2007-05-09
Model ElectronicXQCL-1002
Heavy Metal ("Heavy Metal" is the album's title, and it does NOT define the music genre of this release.)Captain FunkCD12
  • JP2007-05-12
Model ElectronicXQCL-10014571264490013
SunshineCaptain FunkCD14
  • JP2009-08-19
Model ElectronicXQCL-10034571264490037
Korea Platinum EditionCaptain FunkCD14
  • KR2010-05-13
JMC Entertainment2393371
Versions 2011Captain FunkDigital Media4
  • JP2011-08-19
Model ElectronicMEIG-1001881034805331
Chronicles 2007-2013, Vol.1Captain FunkDigital Media49
  • US2013-07-19
Model ElectronicMERN-1001887158512278
Chronicles 2007-2013, Vol.2Captain FunkDigital Media49
  • US2013-07-19
Model ElectronicMERN-1002887158513619
OceansCaptain FunkCD10
  • US2019-06-28
Model ElectronicMECD-1008888295907156
MetropolisCaptain FunkCD9
  • US2019-08-11
Model ElectronicMECD-1010888295949101
Night MusicCaptain FunkCD10
  • US2019-08-11
Model ElectronicMECD-1013195269044640
Sail and CruiseCaptain FunkDigital Media21
  • US2021-06-11
Model ElectronicMECD-1014198000273224
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