legal name: John Vaughan (UK techno producer aka Jon the Dentist)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
101% Euphoria Anthems medium 2 Various Artists
Contact... (Jon the Dentist remix) additional Eat Static 7:16
London Let's 'Ave Yer! (Jon the Dentist remix) additional Mark Tyler ?:??
Are Am Eye? (Jon the Dentist remix) Commander Tom 1:35
Clouds (Jon the Dentist mix) (part of a “005 Tokyo: Global Underground” DJ‐mix) The Source 4:58
Contact... (Jon the Dentist remix) Eat Static 7:16
Control Transmission (Jon the Dentist mix) Brain Bashers 6:32
Do You Want (Jon the Dentist mix) Shimmon & Woolfson 4:18
Galaxians (Jon the Dentist '98 remix) Section X ?:??
House Is Surrounded (Jon the Dentist mix) Lectrolux 3:49
London Let's 'Ave Yer! (Jon the Dentist remix) Mark Tyler ?:??
Secret Worship (Jon the Dentist remix) Stone Factory 5:23
Souls of the Tribes (Jon the Dentist remix) DJ Paola & DJ Choci 5:55
Stuck on a Space Trip (Jon the Dentist remix) Demonic Emotions 6:11
Visual Attack (Jon the Dentist remix) Aircut 6:51