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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Ruffneck Freestylers 4:09
Ruffneck Freestylers 3:20
Ruffneck Freestylers feat. Navigator 4:08
Ruffneck Freestylers 2:29
Ruffneck Freestylers & Tenor Fly 4:09
Ruffneck Freestylers 6:06
Ruffneck Freestylers 3:51
Ruffneck Freestylers feat. Navigator 3:57
Ruffneck (part of “De Illegale Hitmix 1998” DJ-mix) Freestylers feat. Navigator 1:09
Ruffneck (part of “The History of Breaks” DJ-mix) Freestylers 3:23
Ruffneck (part of a “Mega Music Dance Experience: clubQuarium” DJ‐mix) Freestylers 4:25
Ruffneck '09 Ctrl Z vs. The Freestylers USTCZ0959034 7:10
Ruffneck '09 (Excision & Datsik remix) Ctrl Z vs. The Freestylers USTCZ0959039 4:26
Ruffneck ’09 (High Rankin remix) Ctrl Z vs. The Freestylers feat. Navigator USTCZ0959041 5:29
Ruffneck ’09 (instrumental) Ctrl Z vs. The Freestylers feat. Navigator 7:02
Ruffneck ’09 (Pirate Soundsystem remix) Ctrl Z vs. The Freestylers feat. Navigator USTCZ0959042 4:15
Ruffneck ’09 (Rack’n’Ruin remix) Ctrl Z vs. The Freestylers feat. Navigator USTCZ0959043 6:09
Ruffneck ’09 (radio edit) Ctrl Z vs. The Freestylers feat. Navigator 3:11
Ruffneck (feat. Navigator) Freestylers 3:14
Ruffneck (feat. Navigator) Freestylers ?:??
Ruffneck (feat. Navigator) Freestylers 7:06
Ruffneck (feat. Navigator) Freestylers 5:16
Ruffneck (original mix) (part of a “MoS:The Ibiza Annual” DJ‐mix) Freestylers feat. Navigator 4:08
Ruffneck (original mix) (part of DJ‐mixed “In the Mix 98 ②”) Freestylers feat. Navigator 3:46
Ruffneck (original) Freestylers ?:??
Ruffneck (radio edit) Freestylers 4:10
Ruffneck (radio edit) Freestylers 4:09
Ruffneck (radio edit) Freestylers 4:22
Ruffneck (Radio Edit) (feat. Navigator) Freestylers 4:08
Ruffneck (Trick or Treat remix) Freestylers 3:33
Rumours of War Freestylers feat. Navigator 5:59
Running / Get Down Massive (a cappella) Information Society / Freestylers 3:01
Ruvvneck (feat. Navigator) Freestylers 5:14
Scratch 22 (Jay-Rock’s Theme) Freestylers 5:19
Security Freestylers 4:57
Security (CTRL-Z remix) Freestylers 7:06
Security (original) Freestylers 4:59
Security / We Rock Hard (a cappella) The Beat Club / Freestylers 1:58
Shock the Beat / In Love With You (a cappella) Electric Choc / Freestylers 1:33
Sick Style (instrumental) / Ruffneck 09 Habstrakt feat. Maksim / Ctrl Z vs The Freestylers feat. Navigator 1:49
Signs Freestylers feat. Tenor Fly and Spanner Banner 5:42
Signs (feat. Tenor Fly & Spanner Banner) Freestylers 5:56
Slammer Freestylers 3:33
Smoked Up Deep Purple / Freestylers ?:??
So Fine Freestylers 4:35
So Fine Freestylers 4:32
Spaced Invader Freestylers GBCGN9800034 7:20
Spaced Invader Freestylers 4:48
Spaced Invader Freestylers 7:18
Spaced Invader (part of “FSUK2” DJ-mix) Freestylers 3:58
Spaced Invaders Freestylers 7:04
Spaced Invaders Freestylers 4:37
Spaced Invaders (+ Tell the DJ by Skasa) Freestylers 6:18
Take Me Away (edit) / Electrified (a cappella) / Steam (Rock Out) (Acapella) True Faith / Freestylers / DJ Fresh vs. Deekline & Wizard 1:11
The Coming Storm Freestylers feat. Takura 4:48
The Coming Storm Freestylers & Stereo:Type feat. Takura NLD681301443 4:50
The Coming Storm (radio edit) Freestylers, Stereo:Type & Takura 3:41
The Creator / Ruffneck (a cappella) / Activ 8 (Come with Me) (Acapella) Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth / Freestylers / Altern 8 2:13
The Darkside Freestylers 4:54
The Darkside Scam vs. Freestylers 5:13
The Darkside Freestylers 5:58
The Slammer Freestylers 7:00
The Slammer Freestylers 7:01
The Slammer (part of Ministry of Sound’s “Maximum Bass 3” DJ-mix) Freestylers 3:44
The Slammer (Clipz remix) Freestylers 5:07
The Slammer (Clipz remix) Freestylers 5:52
The Slammer (edit) / No Replica (a cappella) / Steam (Rock Out) (Acapella) Freestylers / DJ Fresh vs. Deekline & Wizard 2:15
The Sound Freestylers feat. Fast Eddie NLD681301449 4:39
Told You So Freestylers feat. Petra 4:40
Told You So Freestylers feat. Petra 3:52
Told You So Freestylers feat. Petra Jean Phillipson 4:26
Too Far Freestylers 7:17
Too Far (Napt remix) Freestylers 6:08
Turn to Dust Freestylers 5:07
U Betta Stand Up Freestylers feat. Sirreal NLD681301448 3:26
UKF Dubstep 2010 (Continuous Mix) Hadouken!, Freestylers, NumberNin6, Dubba Jonny, DJ Fresh, Nero, Sub Focus, Example, Bar 9, Chasing Shadows, Tek-One, Sekklow, Slum Dogz, Dreadzone, B.Y.O.B. & J Majik & Wickaman 1:04:24
Uptempo / Boomblast (a cappella) Tronikhouse / Freestylers 1:13
Warning Freestylers feat. Navigator GBCGN9800038 4:57
Warning Freestylers feat. Navigator 5:07
Warning Freestylers 5:10
Warning Freestylers 3:55
Warning (feat. Navigator) Freestylers 4:29
Warning (Jay Rock's Refix) Freestylers 5:06
Warning (Jay Rock's Refix) Freestylers 3:29
Warning (original 7") Freestylers 3:51
Warning (original 12") Freestylers 4:57
Warning (Soul Hooligan 7") Freestylers 3:26
Warning (Soul Hooligan 7") Freestylers 3:29
Warning (Soul Hooligan remix) Freestylers 1:54
Warrior Charge Freestylers 5:34
Warrior Charge (Breakfastaz remix) Freestylers 4:42
Warrior Charge (Breakfastaz remix) Freestylers 3:39
Warrior Charge (Breakfastaz remix) Freestylers 4:41
Warrior Charge (Breakfastaz remix) Freestylers 6:09
Warrior Charge (Breakfastaz remix) Freestylers ?:??
Warrior Charge (Breakfastaz remix) (part of a “FabricLive 19: The Freestylers” DJ‐mix) Freestylers 3:39
We Rock Hard Freestylers feat. Soul Sonic Force GBCGN9800032 7:10
We Rock Hard Freestylers ?:??
Weekend Song Freestylers feat. Tenor Fly 4:23
Weekend Song Freestylers feat. Tenor Fly 2 3:59

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