Earth (Experimental metal/rock group from U.S.A.)

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members: Dylan Carlson
Adrienne Davies
Ian Dickson (ex-member of Anvil)
Steve Moore (Multi-instrumentalist from Seattle, WA / aka Stebmo)
Joe Preston (American bassist)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Even Hell Has Its Heroes Earth 9:43
From the Zodiacal Light Earth 11:29
Rooks Across the Gates Earth 9:03
There Is a Serpent Coming Earth 8:06
Torn by the Fox of the Crescent Moon Earth 8:54
Waltzing in Blue (Earth dub mix) additional Mark Lanegan Band 3:24
Earth 2: Special Low Frequency Version Earth
Waltzing in Blue (Earth dub mix) Mark Lanegan Band 3:24