The CoathangersThe Coathangers12" Vinyl17Die Slaughterhaus Records!, Rob’s House RecordsDSH026, RHR030613505417114
The CoathangersThe CoathangersCD17Rob’s House Records
The CoathangersThe CoathangersCD17Rob’s House RecordsRHR030
ScrambleThe Coathangers12" Vinyl15Suicide Squeeze RecordsS081803238008110
ScrambleThe CoathangersCD15Suicide Squeeze RecordsS081803238008127
143The CoathangersDigital Media2Suicide Squeeze Records803238008776
143The Coathangers7" Vinyl2Suicide Squeeze RecordsS-087803238008776
Larceny & Old LaceThe CoathangersCD11Suicide Squeeze RecordsS-095803238009520
Smother / No Crees Que ya CansaThe Coathangers / Dávila 666Digital Media2Suicide Squeeze Records803238010366
Merry Go RoundThe Coathangers / Heavy Cream7" Vinyl2Suicide Squeeze RecordsS110
Derek's Song / ThrowThe Coathangers / Nü SensaeDigital Media2Suicide Squeeze Records803238011561
Adderall / EarthbotThe Coathangers / Audacity7" Vinyl2Suicide Squeeze RecordsS1215051083075527
Suck My ShirtThe CoathangersDigital Media12Suicide Squeeze Records803238012865
Suck My ShirtThe Coathangers12" Vinyl12Suicide Squeeze RecordsS128803238012810
Suck My ShirtThe CoathangersCD12Suicide Squeeze RecordsS128803238012827
Sex Beat / Energy Drink and the Long Walk HomeThe Coathangers / These Arms Are SnakesDigital Media2Suicide Squeeze Records[none]
Sex Beat / Energy Drink and the Long Walk HomeThe Coathangers / These Arms Are Snakes7" Vinyl2Suicide Squeeze RecordsS136[none]
Freedom Fries / Watch Your BackBlack Lips / The Coathangers7" Vinyl2Suicide Squeeze RecordsS139[none]
Nosebleed WeekendThe CoathangersCD13Suicide Squeeze RecordsS-143803238014326
Nosebleed WeekendThe CoathangersDigital Media13Suicide Squeeze Records
Captain's DeadThe CoathangersDigital Media1Suicide Squeeze Records656605357430
ParasiteThe CoathangersDigital Media5Suicide Squeeze Records
LIVEThe Coathangers12" Vinyl14Suicide Squeeze RecordsSSQ161803238016115
LIVEThe CoathangersDigital Media14Suicide Squeeze Records
The Devil You KnowThe CoathangersDigital Media11Suicide Squeeze Records656605340845

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