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Meditation on Dvorak's Slavonic FantasykeyboardSophie Solomon4:56
Adore AdoreYoav5:36
Ain’t No LoveassistantDavid Gray3:22
AlibiassistantDavid Gray4:34
An Ocean and a RockLisa Hannigan4:21
Angel and the AnimalYoav5:06
Build It Up / Knock It DownSoldout3:31
Come On, Part 1Soldout3:46
Come On, Part 2Soldout3:50
Courting BluesLisa Hannigan4:07
Deep WaterGabriella Cilmi2:25
Disappearing WorldassistantDavid Gray5:05
Every MemoryGabriella Cilmi2:58
From Here You Can Almost See the SeaassistantDavid Gray3:39
Hey UBasement Jaxx4:54
HighwayGabriella Cilmi3:38
Hospital FoodassistantDavid Gray4:43
Hush BoyBasement Jaxx4:00
I Am Just a GirlGabriella Cilmi3:42
I Don’t KnowLisa Hannigan4:57
Keep It AllLisa Hannigan4:11
Kill OurselvesGabriella Cilmi3:22
LatelyassistantDavid Gray4:14
Left With Someone ElseGabriella Cilmi3:16
Lights Go DownBasement Jaxx5:13
LilleLisa Hannigan4:07
Midnight ExpressSoldout2:18
Nos da cariadassistantDavid Gray4:11
Not SorryGabriella Cilmi3:52
Now and AlwaysassistantDavid Gray6:45
One Word and the NextSoldout3:31
Parallel UniverseGabriella Cilmi3:49
PistachioLisa Hannigan3:25
Run 4 CoverBasement Jaxx4:14
Sea SongLisa Hannigan3:23
Slow MotionassistantDavid Gray5:00
Splishy SplashyLisa Hannigan3:16
Sweeter in HistoryGabriella Cilmi3:21
Take Me Back to Your HouseBasement Jaxx5:08
TeethLisa Hannigan4:08
The BoxSoldout3:26
The CallSoldout4:05
The CutSoldout2:40
The Darkest NightSoldout2:28
The Last RideSoldout3:26
The One I LoveassistantDavid Gray3:30
The Shape OfSoldout3:28
Venn DiagramLisa Hannigan4:21
Vicious LoveGabriella Cilmi3:46
Build It Up / Knock It DownadditionalSoldout3:31
Come On, Part 1additionalSoldout3:46
Come On, Part 2additionalSoldout3:50
Midnight ExpressadditionalSoldout2:18
One Word and the NextadditionalSoldout3:31
The BoxadditionalSoldout3:26
The CalladditionalSoldout4:05
The CutadditionalSoldout2:40
The Darkest NightadditionalSoldout2:28
The Last RideadditionalSoldout3:26
The Shape OfadditionalSoldout3:28
Ain’t No LoveadditionalDavid Gray3:22
AlibiadditionalDavid Gray4:34
Disappearing WorldadditionalDavid Gray5:05
February SongJosh Groban5:12
Forget MyselfadditionalElbow5:22
From Here You Can Almost See the SeaadditionalDavid Gray3:39
Hospital FoodadditionalDavid Gray4:43
LatelyadditionalDavid Gray4:14
Leaders of the Free WorldadditionalElbow6:11
Leaders of the Free WorldadditionalElbow3:50
MaiJosh Groban4:35
My Very BestadditionalElbow5:34
Nos da cariadadditionalDavid Gray4:11
Now and AlwaysadditionalDavid Gray6:45
Slow MotionadditionalDavid Gray5:00
So She DancesJosh Groban4:54
Sólo por tiJosh Groban4:00
The One I LoveadditionalDavid Gray3:30
recording engineer for
2008-03An Ocean and a RockLisa Hannigan4:21
2008-03Courting BluesLisa Hannigan4:07
2008-03I Don’t KnowLisa Hannigan4:57
2008-03Keep It AllLisa Hannigan4:11
2008-03LilleLisa Hannigan4:07
2008-03PistachioLisa Hannigan3:25
2008-03Sea SongLisa Hannigan3:23
2008-03Splishy SplashyLisa Hannigan3:16
2008-03TeethLisa Hannigan4:08
2008-03Venn DiagramLisa Hannigan4:21
Another BelieverRufus Wainwright4:39