Mazarin (Philadelphia psych-pop band)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
"500 Repetitions Once a Week From 13 to 17" Mazarin 2:32
2.22.1 Mazarin 2:38
A Tall-Tale Storyline Mazarin 3:19
Another One Goes By Mazarin 3:28
Another One Goes By Mazarin 3:30
At 12 to 6 Mazarin 3:01
Bend Mazarin 3:21
Chasing the Girl Mazarin 3:50
Chasing the Girl Mazarin 3:54
Chasing the Girl Mazarin ?:??
December's Coming Mazarin 3:46
Deed to Drugs Mazarin 4:21
Deed to Drugs Mazarin 4:19
Flying Arms for Driving Mazarin 4:44
Flying Arms for Driving (alternate version) Mazarin ?:??
For Energy Infinite Mazarin 3:16
Go Home Mazarin 8:18
Green Lane Mazarin 1:36
Hello Prudence Mazarin 5:56
Hello Prudence Mazarin 4:10
Hello Prudence Mazarin 5:56
Henry Darger Mazarin 2:57
I Know There's an Answer Mazarin 3:22
I Know There's An Answer Mazarin 3:22
I Should Be Sleeping Mazarin 3:09
I'll See You in the Evening Mazarin 4:35
I'm With You and the Constellations Mazarin 3:36
John Cage's Box of Feathers Mazarin ?:??
Kenyan Heat Wave Mazarin 2:37
Limits of Language Mazarin 2:37
Louise Mazarin 4:19
Memories Change in Patterns Mazarin ?:??
My Favorite Green Hill Mazarin 3:24
Northeast Winter Mazarin 4:47
Only Colombe Mazarin ?:??
Progress Is Lovely Mazarin 3:28
RJF (Variation I) Mazarin 1:34
Schroed(er)/inger Mazarin 2:28
Sicily Mazarin 2:16
Suicide Will Make You Happy Mazarin 3:48
Suicide Will Make You Happy Mazarin ?:??
The Divine Lorraine Mazarin ?:??
The Holidaymakers Lenola / Mazarin 5:00
The New American Apathy Mazarin 4:58
To Keep Things Moving Mazarin 2:57
To Keep Things Moving Mazarin 2:47
Watch It Happen Mazarin 4:39
We're Already There Mazarin 4:36
What Sees the Sky Mazarin 3:47
What Sees the Sky Mazarin 3:56
What Sees the Sky (alt. version) Mazarin 3:27
What Sees the Sky? Mazarin 3:48
Wheats Mazarin 3:31
Wheats Mazarin 3:29
Wheats Mazarin ?:??
Wheats Mazarin 4:08

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