Name ISRCs Rating Length
Distracting Jetsgo's Security Sensor With Your Mother's Magnetic Silicone Implants ?:??
Eating at a Mexican Restaurant and Shitting Out Cocaine ?:??
Flying to a Houston Global Warming Conference With My Jetpack ?:??
Hairy Mermaid Prostitution Service at the Regional Fishing Competition ?:??
My Bitch Was a Handicap in Bed So I Replaced Her Batteries With AA Duracell ?:??
Objects in the Mirror Are More Foreign Than They Appear ?:??
Playing Darts With Heroin and Accidentally Inflicting Into Children's Veins ?:??
Practice Rifle Targeting With 647 Lottery Tickets and Accidentally Nailing the Jackpot Numbers ?:??
Right Wing Ghetto District Announcement ?:??
The Holiest of All Shit ?:??
Two Thumbs Up for the Special Waramp Committee Sponsoring Handicapped Ping Pong Amputees ?:??
When I Grow Up I Want to Be a Famous Flying Rainbow Assclown ?:??

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