member of: C.M.
Hand’s Burn
La Bush Team
Marino Brothers
Parker & Clind
Zodiac (progressive trance duo)
performs as: DJ M.S.
Funky Dope
Stephen Parker (trance artist Marino Stephano)
Discogs: [info]


Date Title Artist Length
Dream Universe
Eternal Rhapsody (extended mix)
Eternal Rhapsody (Guitare mix)
Eternal Rhapsody (extended mix) Marino Stephano ?:??
Eternal Rhapsody (Guitare mix) Marino Stephano ?:??
Dream Universe (16B Still Waters Symphony mix) (part of a “Chilled Euphoria” DJ‐mix) C.M. 5:19
Dream Universe (Man With No Name remix) C.M. 6:09
Dream Universe (original mix) C.M. 4:54
Dream Universe (Taucher remix) C.M. 7:35
Dream Universe (Tilt's Eastern Storm remix) C.M. 10:48
Dream Universe (Marino S.Pace 12" mix) C.M. 5:44
Dream Universe (Marino S.Pace radio edit mix) C.M. 3:37
Dream Universe (Marion S.Pace mix 12" mix New) C.M. 5:44
Dream Universe (Marion S.Pace mix radio edit) C.M. 3:38
Feel the Love (Marino Stephano remix) E&B Project 5:11
No Way Out (Marino Stephano mix) Exon E.S.C. 4:02
Warmhold (Marino Stephano rmx) (part of non-stop trance mix “Live at Goliath 3”) Tom Wax & Jan Jacarta 7:01
Wormhole (Marino Stephano remix) Tom Wax & Jan Jacarta 7:17