original member of:The Composers Quartet (cello) ( – ????)
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1957Can vei la lauzeta moverviola da gambaRussell Oberlin, Seymour Barab8:51
1957Chanson do Ill mot son plan e primviola da gambaRussell Oberlin, Seymour Barab6:21
1957Cil qui d'amor me conseilleviola da gambaGace Brulé8:07
1957Commensmens de dolce saison beleviola da gambaRussell Oberlin, Seymour Barab8:00
1957Reis Glorios, verais lums e clartatzviola da gambaRussell Oberlin, Seymour Barab5:26
1959-11-13Mood Indigo (studio, 1959-11-13: CBS 30th Street Studio, NYC, NY, USA)celloCharles Mingus8:14
1959-11-13Put Me in That Dungeon (studio, 1959-11-13: CBS 30th Street Studio, NYC, NY, USA)celloCharles Mingus2:54
1959-11-13Slop (studio, 1959-11-13: CBS 30th Street Studio, NYC, NY, USA)celloCharles Mingus6:16
1959-11-13Things Ain’t What They Used to Be (studio, 1959-11-13: CBS 30th Street Studio, NYC, NY, USA)celloCharles Mingus7:36
1966Pretty BallerinabassThe Left Banke2:38
1966Pretty BallerinacelloThe Left Banke2:38
1969-07Come Out With MecelloPhil Woods5:24
1969-07Fill the Woods With LaughtercelloPhil Woods4:03
1969-07FlowerscelloPhil Woods3:23
1969-07Guess WhatcelloPhil Woods2:49
1969-07Here's That Rainy DaycelloPhil Woods4:01
1969-07How Can I Be Sure?celloPhil Woods2:52
1969-07I'm All SmilescelloPhil Woods3:09
1969-07Love Song for a Dead ChecelloPhil Woods2:51
1969-07Round TripcelloPhil Woods2:59
1969-07SolitudecelloPhil Woods2:44
1969-07This Is All I AskcelloPhil Woods3:32
1970-06-08False Relationships and the Extended EndingcelloArnold Fromme, 高橋悠治, Paul Jacobs, Richard Fitz, Matthew Raimondi, Seymour Barab, Morton Feldman16:11
1970-12-07The Viola in My Life: Part IcelloKaren Phillips, Paula Robison, Raymond DesRoches, David Tudor, Anahid Ajemian, Seymour Barab, Morton Feldman12:15
1970-12-07The Viola in My Life: Part IIcelloKaren Phillips, Paula Robison, Arthur Bloom, Raymond DesRoches, David Tudor, Anahid Ajemian, Seymour Barab, Morton Feldman9:55
1971-10-22EquinoxcelloHubert Laws6:23
1971-10-22PensativacelloHubert Laws4:03
1971-12-13Afro PartycelloGrant Green4:11
1971-12-13Fountain ScenecelloGrant Green3:00
1971-12-13Luanna's ThemecelloGrant Green2:29
1971-12-13One Second After DeathcelloGrant Green1:39
1971-12-13Past Present and FuturecelloGrant Green5:17
1971-12-13Slight Fear and TerrorcelloGrant Green1:14
1971-12-13Soul Food-African ShopcelloGrant Green2:52
1971-12-13The Final ComedowncelloGrant Green3:28
1971-12-13Traveling to Get to DoccelloGrant Green1:38
1971-12-14Battle ScenecelloGrant Green6:47
1971-12-14Father's LamentcelloGrant Green2:49
1972-03-02 – 1972-03-03Lush LivecelloBobby Hutcherson5:35
1972-03-02 – 1972-03-03Rain Every ThursdaycelloBobby Hutcherson3:44
1972-03-02 – 1972-03-03ShirlcelloBobby Hutcherson5:16
1972-03-02 – 1972-03-03Sophisticated LadycelloBobby Hutcherson6:09
1972-03-02 – 1972-03-03The Folks Who Live on the HillcelloBobby Hutcherson4:59
1972-03-02 – 1972-03-03The Thrill Is GonecelloBobby Hutcherson4:23
1972-03-02 – 1972-03-03When You're NearcelloBobby Hutcherson4:22
1972-12-11Blues WalkcelloLou Donaldson5:07
1972-12-11Stella by StarlightcelloLou Donaldson4:45
1972-12-11The Long GoodbyecelloLou Donaldson3:32
1972-12-11You Are the Sunshine of My LifecelloLou Donaldson3:46
1972-12-18Autumn in New YourkcelloLou Donaldson4:31
1972-12-18Time After TimecelloLou Donaldson6:45
1972-12-18What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?celloLou Donaldson4:32
1972-12-18You've ChangedcelloLou Donaldson4:55
1973-03-14Don't Mess With Mister T (alternate take)celloStanley Turrentine7:13
1973-03-15Harlem DawncelloStanley Turrentine7:52
1973-03-15Mississippi City StrutcelloStanley Turrentine8:42
1973-03AubreycelloGrover Washington, Jr.3:44
1973-03Don't ExplaincelloGrover Washington, Jr.11:12
1973-03Easy Living/Ain't Nobody's Business If I DocelloGrover Washington, Jr.9:57
1973-03MasterpiececelloGrover Washington, Jr.13:20
1973-03Taurian MatadorcelloGrover Washington, Jr.8:09
1973-03Trouble MancelloGrover Washington, Jr.15:55
1973-03You Are the Sunshine of My LifecelloGrover Washington, Jr.6:02
1973-04-13VocalisecelloDon Sebesky5:36
1973-06-07Don't Mess With Mister TcelloStanley Turrentine9:51
1973-06-07Pieces of DreamcelloStanley Turrentine7:29
1973-06-07Too BluecelloStanley Turrentine7:21
1973-06-08I Could Never Repay Your LovecelloStanley Turrentine8:22
1973-06-08Two for TcelloStanley Turrentine7:06
1974-02 – 1974-04Feel Like Making LovecelloBob James6:39
1974-02 – 1974-04In the GardencelloBob James3:09
1974-02 – 1974-04NautiluscelloBob James5:05
1974-02 – 1974-04Night on Bald MountaincelloBob James5:53
1974-02 – 1974-04SoulerocelloBob James3:37
1974-02 – 1974-04Valley of the ShadowscelloBob James9:41
1974-12 – 1975-01Dream JourneycelloBob James5:55
1974-12 – 1975-01Farandole (L’Arlesienne Suite #2)celloBob James8:25
1974-12 – 1975-01I Feel a Song (In My Heart)celloBob James5:27
1974-12 – 1975-01Take Me to the Mardi GrascelloBob James5:49
1974-12 – 1975-01The Golden ApplecelloBob James7:19
1974-12 – 1975-01You're as Right as RaincelloBob James5:29
1975-12At SeventeenstringsPhil Woods3:55
1975-12B Side D (from Change Partners)stringsPhil Woods0:40
1975-12Body and SoulstringsPhil Woods3:50
1975-12Chelsea Bridge / Johnny HodgesstringsPhil Woods6:34
1975-12GeestringsPhil Woods4:19
1975-12MimistringsPhil Woods3:20
1975-12Sacre CoeurstringsPhil Woods5:55
1975-12The Sun Suite (from The Sun Sweet)stringsPhil Woods11:20
1977-08I Just Want to KnowstringsPatti Austin4:57
1977-08I Need SomebodystringsPatti Austin4:32
1977-08Little BabystringsPatti Austin4:15
1977-08Lost in the StarsstringsPatti Austin5:02
1977-08That’s Enough for MestringsPatti Austin5:50
1977-08We’re in LovestringsPatti Austin4:03
1978Angela Theme (Theme From "Taxi")celloBob James5:43
1978Caribbean NightscelloBob James9:21
1978I Want to Thank You (Very Much)celloBob James7:10
1978Sun RunnercelloBob James6:19
1978TouchdowncelloBob James5:42
1979-08-22Just the Way You Are (original studio master)celloFrank Sinatra3:28
1979-08-22Song Sung BluecelloFrank Sinatra2:50
Ahead of Your TimestringsCharles Earland and Oddysey3:18
AngercelloBill Russo?:??
Cloudscapecello and guestPhilip Glass4:40
DriftingstringsCharles Earland and Oddysey6:23
EnvycelloBill Russo?:??
ForlanestringsHubert Laws4:16
Glasspieces: Glasspiece #1 (“Rubric”)celloPhilip Glass6:04
Glasspieces: Glasspiece #2 (“Façades”)celloPhilip Glass7:21
Glasspieces: Glasspiece #3 (“Funeral” from Akhnaten)celloPhilip Glass8:54
GluttonycelloBill Russo?:??
GreedcelloBill Russo?:??
Guatemala ConnectionstringsHubert Laws5:45
If I Don’t Have YoucelloBackstreet Boys4:35
In the Land of MustringsCharles Earland and Oddysey7:57
Koyaanisqatsicello and guestPhilip Glass3:30
LecherycelloBill Russo?:??
Mona LisastringsCharles Earland and Oddysey9:15
PondercelloChet Baker4:28
Pride - EpiloguecelloBill Russo?:??
Propheciescello and guestPhilip Glass8:11
Pruit Igoecello and guestPhilip Glass7:04
Romeo and JulietstringsHubert Laws7:44
Sederunt principes, Part 1viola da gambaCharles Bressler, Russell Oberlin, Donald Perry, Seymour Barab1:18
Sederunt principes, Part 2viola da gambaCharles Bressler, Russell Oberlin, Donald Perry, Seymour Barab1:35
Sederunt principes, Part 3viola da gambaCharles Bressler, Russell Oberlin, Donald Perry, Seymour Barab0:55
Seven Deadly Sins - ThemecelloBill Russo?:??
SlothcelloBill Russo?:??
String Quartet no. 2: I. Light and Quick: With Grace and HumorcelloThe Composers Quartet2:44
String Quartet no. 2: II. Intimate, SpaciouscelloThe Composers Quartet5:21
String Quartet no. 2: III. Extremely Minute and Intense; Not Fast – Quick, Mercurial – Very Fast, With Suppressed Excitement – Quick – Extremely MinutecelloThe Composers Quartet6:40
Structures for String QuartetcelloMatthew Raimondi, Joseph Rabushka, Walter Trampler, Seymour Barab5:16
The Day We Fall in LovecelloThe Monkees2:25
The Great PyramidstringsCharles Earland and Oddysey7:11
The Gridcello and guestPhilip Glass14:56
Three Pieces for String Quartet: I.celloMatthew Raimondi, Joseph Rabushka, Walter Trampler, Seymour Barab4:31
Three Pieces for String Quartet: II.celloMatthew Raimondi, Joseph Rabushka, Walter Trampler, Seymour Barab6:14
Three Pieces for String Quartet: III.celloMatthew Raimondi, Joseph Rabushka, Walter Trampler, Seymour Barab3:54
Tryin' to Get the Feeling AgainstringsHubert Laws8:21
UndecidedstringsHubert Laws6:13
Vesselscello and guestPhilip Glass8:06
Victoria Dines AlonecelloTom Paxton3:00
What Are We Gonna DostringsHubert Laws5:37
KoyaanisqatsicelloPhilip Glass
KoyaanisqatsicelloPhilip Glass
PowaqqatsicelloPhilip Glass
PowaqqatsicelloPhilip Glass
Shoogie Wanna BoogiecelloDavid Matthews with Whirlwind