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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Pãpasong Azymuth 4:35
Partido Alto Azymuth DEA740220205
Partido Alto (live) Azymuth 4:13
Partido Alto (live) Azymuth 4:05
Partido Novo Azymuth 10:49
Partido Novo Azymuth 10:46
Periscope Azymuth ?:??
Periscópio Azymuth BRSGL9400197 7:36
Periscópio Azymuth 6:10
Periscópio (Marc Mac for 4hero re-edit) Azymuth 6:06
Pieces of Ipanema Azymuth 8:00
Pieces of Ipanema (Mark Pitchard remix) Azymuth 8:16
Pieces of Ipanema (Mark Pritchard remix) Azymuth 8:30
Pieces of Ipanema (Mark Pritchard remix) Azymuth 8:20
Pieces of Ipanema (Mark Pritchard remix) Azymuth 8:22
Pieces of Ipanema (Mark Pritchard remix) Azymuth ?:??
Pieces of Ipanema (Mark Pritchard remix) (part of “Brazilika” DJ-mix) Azymuth 3:52
Pieces of Ipenema (Mark Pritchard mix) Azymuth 8:10
Porto Seguro Sunset Azymuth 4:19
Pra Ze Azymuth 3:58
Pra Zé Azymuth feat. Sabrina Malheiros & Roberto Menescal 4:00
Precisa Dar Azymuth 4:14
Prefacio Azymuth 4:13
Prefacio (4 Hero remix) Azymuth 6:35
Prefacio (4Hero remix) Azymuth 6:34
Prelude Azymuth 1:14
Préludio Em Grumari Azymuth 6:22
Presa Azymuth BRWMB9705405 3:44
Pygmalion Azymuth 5:23
Quatro Ponto Nove Azymuth 3:32
Que bom Azymuth 1:25
Que E Que Voce Vai Fazer Nesse Carnaval Azymuth 2:39
Quem Com Que (feat. Marcos Valle) Azymuth ?:??
Quem com quem Azymuth 4:32
Quem Com Quem Azymuth 4:43
Quem con quem Azymuth 6:11
Questao De Etica Azymuth 4:39
Rapa Poeira Azymuth 4:39
Raspa Do Tacho Azymuth 4:12
Rede de Espera Azymuth 4:46
Rede De Espera Azymuth 4:47
Remembering Milton (Lembrando Milton) Azymuth 5:32
Renascimento Azymuth 8:36
Retro visor Azymuth 3:14
Right On Azymuth 4:07
Rio Cubango Azymuth 1:39
Rio Doce Azymuth 3:43
Roda piao Azymuth 5:37
Roda Piao Azymuth 6:35
Roda Piao Azymuth ?:??
Roda Piao (part of “Brazilika” DJ-mix) Azymuth 6:06
Roda Piao (part of “Jazztronik: Jazztronica” DJ-mix) Azymuth 5:29
Roda Pião (Spiritual South mix) Azymuth 5:33
Roda Piao (Spiritual South remix) Azymuth 6:03
Roda Piao (Spiritual South remix) Azymuth 6:05
Roda pião (Spiritual South remix) Azymuth 6:36
Roda Pião (Spiritual South remix) Azymuth 6:36
Roda Pião (Spiritual South remix) Azymuth 6:02
Rosalie Azymuth 4:12
Sá papo Azymuth 5:14
Samba da barra Azymuth 5:09
Samba da barra Azymuth 4:20
Samba Perpétuo Azymuth 6:47
Sambafrica Azymuth 5:11
San Pedro (Roc Hunter remix) Azymuth 6:17
São Pedro Azymuth 5:17
Saudade (Encontro Com a Saudade) Azymuth 2:47
Saudade Do Doutor Azymuth 3:28
Saudade Do Doutor Azymuth 4:32
Seems Like This Azymuth 4:29
Seems Like This (As One re-edit) Azymuth 6:53
Sem destino Azymuth 6:58
Sem Você Até Copacabana É Triste Azymuth 3:53
Seringal Azymuth 3:28
Sinto Muito (So Sad) Azymuth 5:18
Somewhere Beyond Natures Plan feat. Azymuth 4:15
Somewhere in Brazil (Em algum lugar do Brasil) Azymuth 6:10
Song of the Jet Azymuth 2:33
Space Carnival (Global Communications remix) Azymuth 6:19
Space Jazz (Remixed by Global Communications) Azymuth 6:18
Space Jazz Carnival (Global Communication mix) (Danny Howells' "Renaissance: The Mix Collection" DJ Mix) Azymuth 5:35
Space Jazz Carnival (Global Communications Space Jazz mix) (DJ mix from "Club "H") Azymuth 7:35
Suiça carioca Azymuth 7:09
Summer in Tokyo Azymuth 3:43
Sunderley Samba Azymuth 4:22
Sunderley Samba Azymuth 4:22
Super Woman Azymuth 5:13
Tá nessa ainda bicho? Azymuth 4:21
Tamal Vista Boulevard Azymuth 4:34
Tamborim, Cuica, Ganza E Berimbau Azymuth 4:57
Tamborim, cuíca, ganzá, berimbau Azymuth 5:03
Tamborim, cuíca, ganzá, berimbau Azymuth BRWMB9705404 5:01
Tarde Azymuth BRWMB9705402 5:26
Te querendo Azymuth feat. Márcio Lott 8:16
Te Querendo Azymuth 3:00
Tempo Classico Azymuth 4:42
Tempo Classico Prelude Azymuth 0:54
Tempos Atras Azymuth 2:34
Tempos Atraz Azymuth 7:21
Tempos Atraz (Ape remix) Azymuth 5:33

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