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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
I'm Just Looking Around Azymuth 5:33
If You'd Like to Know Azymuth 6:51
Igarapé Azymuth 2:06
In My Treehouse Azymuth 7:13
In My Treehouse (Prelude 2) Azymuth 1:17
In My Treehouse (Preulde 1) Azymuth 1:45
Indian Pepper (Pimenta malagueta) Azymuth 5:27
Indian Pepper (Pimenta Malagueta) Azymuth 5:36
Intro (Manha) (demo version) Azymuth 1:29
Inutil Pasaigem Azymuth 4:08
Isso é partido alto Azymuth 6:06
Jazz Carnaval Azymuth 4:19
Jazz Carnival Azymuth 9:45
Jazz Carnival Azymuth 3:24
Jazz Carnival Azymuth ?:??
Jazz Carnival Azymuth 3:23
Jazz Carnival Azymuth DEA740220204
Jazz Carnival Azymuth 3:58
Jazz Carnival Azymuth 6:28
Jazz Carnival Azymuth 3:52
Jazz Carnival Azymuth 10:32
Jazz Carnival (1996 version) Azymuth GBDCR0400032 8:57
Jazz Carnival (live) Azymuth 10:31
Jazz Carnival (live) Azymuth 10:28
Jazz Carnival (part of “Excursions 01” DJ-mix) Azymuth 4:26
Jazz Carnival (part of “Kenny Dope Disco Heat” DJ-mix) Azymuth 0:59
Jazz Carnival - Yambee Rework (Ashley Beedle and Yam Who? remix)) Azymuth GBDCR1200119 6:09
Jazz Carnival (Full original mix) Azymuth GBDCR1200115 10:39
Jazz Carnival (Global Communication remix) Azymuth ?:??
Jazz Carnival (Global Communication's Space Jazz mix) Azymuth 7:09
Jazz Carnival (Global Communications remix) Azymuth 6:19
Jazz Carnival (long version) (live) Azymuth 10:31
Jazz Carnival (LP mix) Azymuth ?:??
Jazz Carnival (short version) Azymuth 3:51
Jazz Carnival (short version) (live) Azymuth 3:51
Jazz Carnival (Space Jazz mix) Azymuth ?:??
Juntos Mais Uma Vez Azymuth 3:44
Juntos mais uma vez (Prelude) Azymuth 3:23
Juntos mais uma vez (Together one more time) Azymuth 3:53
Lá vem o rei do baião Azymuth 4:40
Labaredas Azymuth 5:21
Laranjeiras Azymuth 7:18
Laranjeiras Azymuth 7:28
Laranjeiras Azymuth 5:15
Laranjeiras (4 Hero remix) Azymuth 7:48
Laranjeiras (4hero remix) Azymuth 7:50
Laranjeiras (4hero remix) (Afro London mix) Azymuth 7:18
Laranjeiras (4Hero's AfroLatinLondon mix) Azymuth 7:50
Laranjeiras (Flytronix remix) Azymuth 8:38
Laranjeiras (Flytronix remix) Azymuth 8:40
Laranjeiras (Orange Grove) Azymuth 5:16
Last Summer in Rio Azymuth 10:46
Last Summer in Rio Azymuth 10:46
Light as a Feather Azymuth DEA740220207
Light as a Feather (live) Azymuth 7:00
Light as a Feather (live) Azymuth 6:55
Light as a Feather (live) Azymuth 6:49
Linha do horizonte Azymuth 4:39
Linha do horizonte Azymuth BRSGL7500022 4:30
Linha do Horizonte Azymuth 4:29
Linha Do Horizonte Azymuth 4:40
Linha Do Horizonte Azymuth 4:50
Linha Do Horizonte Azymuth 4:25
Linha Do Horizonte (Beatnik remix) Azymuth 5:44
Linha do horizonte (Kashmeer Brothers remix) Azymuth 3:39
Linha do horizonte (Mr Beatnick remix) Azymuth 3 5:46
Livre Como Um Passaro Azymuth 6:52
Love Beat Azymuth 4:24
Love Beat Prelude Azymuth 1:35
Madalena Jürgen Seefelder & Azymuth 6:20
Make Mine Guaraná (Só bebo guaraná, mas) Azymuth 8:39
Make Mine Guaraná (Só bebo guaraná) Azymuth 8:42
Makeka Azymuth 3:46
Manha Azymuth 3:48
Manha Azymuth 3:46
Manhã Azymuth BRSGL9400196 3:48
Manhã Azymuth 3:45
Maracana Azymuth 5:40
Maracanã Azymuth ?:??
Maracanã Azymuth 5:36
Mas que nada Ithamara Koorax feat. Gonzalo Rubalcaba & Azymuth 5:49
May I Have This Dance? (Concede-me esta dança?) Azymuth 5:11
May I Have This Dance? (Conçede-Me Esta Dança?) Azymuth 5:11
Melo da Cuica Azymuth 3:55
Melô Da Cuíca Azymuth ?:??
Melo de Cuica Azymuth 3:58
Melo Dos Dois Bicudos Azymuth 3:07
Melô dos dois bicudos Azymuth BRSGL7500054 3:09
Melô dos Dois Bicudos Azymuth 3:08
Melô Dos Dois Bicudos Azymuth 3:07
Melô dos dois bicudos (Harmonic 313 re-edit) Azymuth 4:11
Melos dos dois bicudos Azymuth 3:02
Meu Amigo Azymuth 3:51
Meu Doce Amigo Azymuth 3:41
Meu Mengô Azymuth 4:33
Mimosa Azymuth 6:54
Mimosa Azymuth 6:56
Mimose Azymuth 6:52
Missing doto Azymuth 2:24
Missing Dotô (Saudades do Dotô) Azymuth 2:23

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