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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
500 Miles High Azymuth 5:37
A caça Azymuth BRWMB9705406 3:01
A Quiema Roupa Azymuth 4:39
A Quiema Roupa (DJ Klas remix) Azymuth 5:20
A Woman (Uma mulher) Azymuth 5:02
Afternoon (Trade) Azymuth 7:49
Águia não come mosca Azymuth BRWMB9705400 3:28
Águia negra x Dragão Azymuth BRWMB9705408 2:29
Ah Voce Nao Sabe (Body and Soul beats) Azymuth 4:05
Ah Voce Nao Sabe (Roc's dub) Azymuth 5:54
Ah Voce Nao Sabe (Roc's dub) Azymuth 6:14
Ah Voce Nao Sabe (Yellow dub) Azymuth 4:04
Ah Voce Nao Sabe (Yellow Prod. remix) Azymuth 4:47
Ah Voce Nao Sabe (Yellow Productions remix) Azymuth 4:51
Ah Voce Nao Sabe (Yellow Productions remix) Azymuth 5:02
Ah Voce Nao Sabe (You Don't Know) Azymuth 7:46
Algodao Doce Azymuth 6:05
All That Carnival Azymuth 7:58
All That Carnival Azymuth 7:56
Amazon Adventure Azymuth 6:28
Amazon Adventure (Jazzanova mix) Azymuth 7:59
Amazon Adventure (Jazzanova remix) Azymuth 8:02
Amazon Adventure (Jazzanova remix) Azymuth 5:51
Amazon Adventure (Jazzanova remix) Azymuth ?:??
Amazon Adventure (Jazzanova remix) Azymuth 8:02
Amazon Adventure (Jazzanova remix) Azymuth 8:00
Amazon Adventure (Jazzanova remix) (part of “Off Limits” DJ-mix) Azymuth 7:47
Amazônia Azymuth DEA740220209
Antes Que Esqueca Azymuth 1:12
Antes Que Esqueca (Before I Forget) Azymuth 13:08
Antes Que Esqueca (Before I Forget) Azymuth 1:14
Aquamarine Azymuth 4:50
Araruama Azymuth 5:07
Areias Azymuth 3:24
Aurora Azymuth 5:25
Ausgang Azymuth 6:11
Ausgang Azymuth 6:11
Ausgang (Ze's Trip remix) Azymuth 6:13
Avenida das Mangueiras Azymuth DEA740220206
Avenida Das Mangueiras (SS Translation by Theo Parrish) Azymuth GBDCR1200117 10:04
Avenida Rio Branco Azymuth 5:22
Azymuth with Roberto Menescal Azymuth 3:59
Batucada em Marte Azymuth 6:21
Before I Forget (Kenny Dope main mix) Azymuth 6:27
Before I Forget (Kenny Dope main mix) Azymuth 6:49
Beyond the Door Azymuth 5:23
Biaozinho Carioca Azymuth 7:10
Biãozinho carioca Azymuth 7:13
Blues For Nathan Jürgen Seefelder & Azymuth 6:54
Bom Tempo Azymuth 3:06
Bossa Dance Azymuth 4:50
Bossa Nova USA Azymuth 2:40
Brazil Azymuth 4:49
Brazil Azymuth BRSGL9400190 3:59
Brazymuth Azymuth 4:57
Brazza Ville Azymuth 4:07
Brejo Da Cruz Azymuth 3:57
Brincando a Fogo (Joking with fire) Azymuth 5:22
Broken Key Azymuth 5:51
Butterfly Azymuth 4:49
Caca a Raposa Azymuth ?:??
Caca a Raposa Azymuth 4:58
Caca A Raposa Azymuth 5:15
Caca A Raposa Azymuth 5:11
Caça a raposa Azymuth BRSGL9400192 5:13
Caça a raposa (DJ Venom re-edit) Azymuth 4:42
Caca a Reposa Azymuth 5:10
Caititu Azymuth 2:23
Calma Azymuth 4:30
Calma (Lumen remix) Azymuth 5:02
Calma (Remixed by Lumen) Azymuth 5:02
Candomblé Azymuth 4:09
Carambola Azymuth 7:29
Carambola Azymuth 7:28
Carambola Azymuth 7:18
Carambola (Mark Pritchard remix) Azymuth 9:52
Carambola (Mark Pritchard remix) Azymuth 9:54
Carambola (Mark Pritchard remix) Azymuth 10:17
Carambola (Roc Hunter mix) (part of “Deep Dish: Yoshiesque Two” DJ-mix) Azymuth 4:29
Carambola (Roc Hunter rub) Azymuth 6:15
Carambola (Roc Hunter Rub) (part of “Private Lounge 2” DJ-mix) Azymuth 5:40
Carnaval Legrand Azymuth 4:18
Carnival Azymuth 9:29
Carnival Azymuth 8:48
Carta Pro Airto Azymuth 1:18
Carta pro Airto (Letter to Airto) Azymuth 1:19
Cascade of the Seven Waterfalls Azymuth 4:46
Cascade of the Seven Waterfalls (Salto das sete quedas) Azymuth 4:47
Castelo (Castle) Azymuth 6:16
Castelo (Castle) Azymuth 7:14
Chameleon Azymuth 7:27
Chameleon Azymuth 8:17
Chameleon (Offworld remix) Azymuth 9:02
Circo Marimbondo Azymuth BRWMB9705403 2:27
Club Morocco (Marrocos Clube) Azymuth 4:11
Codsall Juniors – Endless Flight (Mark E) Azymuth GBDCR1200118 6:19
Convidados Jürgen Seefelder & Azymuth 4:55
Corumbá Azymuth 3:04
Country Road (Chão de terra) Azymuth 3:30
Crazy Clock Azymuth 4:40

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