Beyond the Dream (Finnish melodic gothic/black metal band)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
...There My Heart Should Be 3:46
A Foreplay for the Wolves 7:00
Am I Awake? 5:00
Ambassador 4:38
Banished From Wonderland 4:01
Beautiful Little Storm 5:29
Blinded 4:08
Celebration ?:??
Death, I Am Death ?:??
Decadence Dressed Her ?:??
Don't Fear the Sin 6:35
Engaged With the Wind 3:52
Fading Stern 3:56
For the Reignited Sun ?:??
Foreword 1:41
Forgive Me, I'll Forget You ?:??
Freewill as a Souvenir 5:53
Heart-Shaped Cemetery ?:??
Loneliness, the Usual Pain 4:31
Lullaby for the Sleeping World 3:02
Masquerade in Eden 4:30
Mental Image on Fear 4:56
My Cradle 4:13
My Cradle 3:58
Predator's Bride 3:48
Promise (Opening) 1:59
Red Rivers 5:03
Rotting Lovers, Withering Flowers 4:52
Say My Name in Vain ?:??
She Wants More 4:09
She Wants More 4:11
Smother the Last Flame ?:??
Snakes and One Heart 4:02
The Hands on the Hearts Beating No More Into the Rhythm of Our Love 8:37
The Place in Heaven (or a Palace in Hell) 6:17
The Vow 1:40
Thirteenth Dawn ?:??
Underneath the Veil of Solitude ?:??
When Man Exists No More 7:03
You Are the Water 3:46
Your Spit as a Flower on the Tomb in Me 3:51

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