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2018 Awake 1.0 FinaleIllenium
    AfterlifeIllenium feat. Echos56:04
    Afterlife (Dabin remix)Illenium feat. Echos6:37
    All TogetherIllenium & OEKIIN53:59
    All Together (Crystal Skies remix)Illenium feat. OEKIIN3:50
    Angel (Lonely Prelude) (short prelude to the song Lonely)Illenium40:41
    Ashes Intro (Afterlife)Illenium
      Awake 2.0 Intro (Gold)Illenium
        Baba Yaga / Fortress / Into Dust (Tsuruda remix) (mixed)Oriental Cravings, BEAUZ, Illenium & Noisia feat. Joni Fatora
          Beautiful CreaturesIllenium feat. MAX54:01
          Beautiful Creatures (Julien Marchal piano cover)Illenium & Julien Marchal2:30
          BloodIllenium & Foy Vance54:08
          Blood (Drezo remix)Illenium feat. Foy Vance4:53
          Blood (Drezo remix) (mixed)Illenium feat. Foy Vance
            Bring Forth the PressureIllenium feat. Dirt Monkey52:45
            Broken OnesIllenium & Anna Clendening53:18
            Broken Ones (Breathe Carolina remix)Illenium feat. Anna Clendening3:18
            Broken Ones (edit)ILLENIUM feat. Anna Clendening2:24
            Broken Ones (Last Heroes remix)Illenium & Last Heroes feat. Anna Clendening3:18
            Chosen YouIllenium
              CrashingIllenium feat. Bahari43:50
              Crashing (from soundtrack for To All The Boys)Illenium & Bahari
                Crashing (DROELOE remix)Illenium feat. Bahari3:10
                Crashing (KLOUD remix)Illenium feat. Bahari4:07
                Crashing (Rock Mafia remix)Illenium feat. Bahari3:21
                Crashing (Snakehips remix)Illenium feat. Bahari3:27
                Crashing (stripped)Illenium feat. Bahari3:46
                Crashing vs. DestinyILLENIUM, Blanke & 1788-L feat. Bahari2:52
                Crawl Outta LoveIllenium feat. Annika Wells54:02
                Crawl Outta LoveIllenium & Lambert
                  Crawl Outta LoveIllenium feat. Annika Wells
                    Crawl Outta Love (Intro/VIP edit)Illenium
                      Crawl Outta Love (Lambert piano cover)Illenium & Lambert3:15
                      Crawl Outta Love (The Glitch Mob remix)Illenium feat. Annika Wells5:09
                      Don’t Give up on MeIllenium X Kill the Noise feat. Mako4:39
                      Drop Our HeartsIllenium feat. Sirma4:36
                      Drop Our Hearts, Pt. 2Illenium & Said the Sky feat. Sirma4:44
                      Every Piece of MeIllenium & Echos53:43
                      Every Piece of Me (Ryan Hemsworth remix)Illenium feat. Echos2:59
                      Falling InIllenium & Said the Sky feat. Mimi Page4:08
                      Feel GoodIllenium & Gryffin feat. Daya44:08
                      Feel GoodGryffin, Illenium ft. Daya
                        Feel Good (Abandoned remix)Gryffin & Illenium feat. Daya3:38
                        Feel Good (acoustic)Gryffin & Illenium feat. Daya4:00
                        Feel Good (Brooks remix)Gryffin and Illenium ft. Daya3:38
                        Feel Good (Crankdat remix)Gryffin and Illenium ft. Daya4:26
                        Feel Good (Spirix Remix)Gryffin & Illenium ft. Daya
                          Feel Good (T-Mass & LZRD remix)Gryffin and Illenium ft. Daya3:32
                          Feel Good (Valy Mo remix)Gryffin and Illenium ft. Daya3:24
                          Feel SomethingILLENIUM, Excision & I Prevail3:41
                          First TimeIllenium & iann dior2:46
                          First Time (Sam Feldt remix)ILLENIUM feat. iann dior2:50
                          For TruthIllenium3:13
                          FortressIllenium feat. Joni Fatora53:24
                          Fortress (Just A Gent remix)Illenium feat. Joni Fatora3:47
                          Fortress (Just a Gent remix) (mixed)Illenium feat. Joni Fatora
                            Fortress (Mr FijiWiji remix)Illenium feat. Joni Fatora3:57
                            Fortress (Seven Lions Roots mix)Illenium feat. Joni Fatora4:35
                            Fortress (Seven Lions Roots mix) (part of a “A State of Trance 2016” DJ‐mix)Illenium feat. Joni Fatora
                              FracturesIllenium feat. Nevve54:05
                              Fractures (Lorcan Rooney piano cover)Illenium & Lorcan Rooney4:17
                              Fractures (Trivecta remix)Illenium feat. Nevve5:02
                              Free FallIllenium feat. RUNN4.53:26
                              Free Fall (Kompany remix)Illenium feat. RUNN3:06
                              God DamnitIllenium & Call Me Karizma
                                God Damnit (Hex Cougar remix)Illenium & Call Me Karizma3:13
                                Gold (Stupid Love)Excision & Illenium feat. Shallows4:55
                                Gold (Stupid Love) (Black Tiger Sex Machine remix)Excision & Illenium ft. Shallows
                                  Good Things Fall ApartIllenium with Jon Bellion2.253:37
                                  Good Things Fall Apart (3LAU remix)Illenium feat. Jon Bellion3:30
                                  Good Things Fall Apart (Callum Higby remix) (extended edit)Illenium feat. Jon Bellion
                                    Good Things Fall Apart (Callum Higby remix) (radio edit)Illenium feat. Jon Bellion
                                      Good Things Fall Apart (SLANDER remix)Illenium feat. Jon Bellion3:59
                                      Good Things Fall Apart (stripped)Illenium & Jon Bellion3:28
                                      Good Things Fall Apart (Tiësto’s Big Room remix)Illenium & Jon Bellion4:07
                                      Good Things Fall Apart (Travis Barker remix)Illenium & Jon Bellion3:30
                                      Good Things Fall Apart (William Black remix)Illenium feat. Jon Bellion3:43
                                      Good Things Fall Apart vs. Sad SongsIllenium, Jon Bellion & Said the Sky feat. Annika Wells6:06
                                      Good Things Fall Apart vs. Sad Songs (mixed)Illenium, Jon Bellion & Said the Sky feat. Annika Wells
                                        GorgeousIllenium, Bipolar Sunshine & Blanke54:37
                                        Gorgeous (MEMBA remix)Illenium feat. Blanke & Bipolar Sunshine3:21
                                        Gorgeous (MEMBA remix) (mixed)Illenium feat. Blanke & Bipolar Sunshine
                                          Gorgeous vs. All TogetherILLENIUM & Blanke feat. Bipolar Sunshine & OEKIIN1:45
                                          Gorgeous vs. All Together (mixed)Illenium & Blanke feat. Bipolar Sunshine & OEKIIN
                                            Hard to Say GoodbyeEkali & Illenium feat. Chloe Angelides3:17
                                            Hard to Say Goodbye (Ship Wrek remix)Ekali & ILLENIUM feat. Chloe Angelides3:58
                                            Hard to Say Goodbye (Tep No remix)Ekali & ILLENIUM feat. Chloe Angelides4:20
                                            Hearts on FireILLENIUM & Dabin feat. Lights3:56
                                            Hearts on Fire (Bassjackers remix)ILLENIUM & Dabin feat. Lights3:32
                                            Hearts on Fire (CORSAK & Willim remix)ILLENIUM & Dabin feat. Lights3:34
                                            Hearts on Fire (Lucas & Steve remix)ILLENIUM & Dabin feat. Lights3:26
                                            Hearts on Fire (Timmy Trumpet remix)ILLENIUM & Dabin feat. Lights3:31
                                            Hold OnIllenium & Georgia Ku53:55
                                            Hold On (Midnight Kids remix)Illenium & Midnight Kids feat. Georgia Ku3:52
                                            Hold On (mixed)Illenium & Georgia Ku
                                              Hold On (Tisoki remix)Illenium feat. Georgia Ku3:46
                                              I Care (intro)Illenium40:33
                                              I'll Be Your Reason (WE ARE FURY remix)Illenium3:38
                                              I’ll Be Your ReasonIllenium43:40
                                              In Your ArmsIllenium with X Ambassadors53:41

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