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members: Nicky Byrne
Kian Egan
Markus Feehily (Mark Feehily)
Shane Filan
Brian McFadden (– 2004-03-09)
tours: Where Dreams Come True Tour (The No Stools Tour)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Against All Odds Westlife feat. Mariah Carey 3:22
Against All Odds background vocals and lead vocals Westlife feat. Mariah Carey 3:22
Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now) (Mariah Only version) background vocals Mariah Carey 3:25
Bop Bop Baby Westlife 3:55
Bop Bop Baby (Almighty radio edit) Westlife 3:51
Bop Bop Baby (single remix) Westlife 4:31
Flying Without Wings lead vocals Westlife feat. BoA 3:36
Getting to Number One spoken vocals Westlife 0:52
I Have a Dream Westlife 4:14
Special Message spoken vocals Westlife 0:12
The Westlife Story (snippet) Westlife 1:37
Tunnel of Love Westlife 3:27